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Annoying Orange – annoys me

I don’t get it. Please explain why the orange is a hit?

Will Ferrell Gets Down in Bat Fight

Will Ferrell Gets Down in Bat Fight “
Go around and  circle some more.”

Dog Rides a Turtle

As the title says – in this video a Dog Rides a Turtle.

It may be slow and meandering but it’s cheap and it leaves a small carbon footprint.

World’s Fastest Undresser

The World’s Fastest Undresser – is on a Japanese game show.

Terrorist Bloopers

Allah! Alllaaaaahhh!

Funny Acupuncture Commercial

Here’s a Funny Acupuncture Commercial from China. Corroborating our greatest fear.

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Korean Drummer Really Loves To Drum

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We’re hoping that whatever this Korean drummer had in his kimchi is readily available for the rest of us.

Was he the inspiration for animal of the Muppets?

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Stuck in the Never Ending Sitcom Opening With the Naked Babies

In a world where fart jokes reign supreme and comedy clubs are filled with comics geared toward drunken (spoiled dumb) frat boys – the Naked Babies might just be the Einsteins of comedy.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is Cumming Day and Night

Something tells us Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t given a very accurate description of how one uses the word cumming in the English language.

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The Ultimate Baby Fight

This is what happens when daddy’s home alone with baby.

“here’s the rules – first baby that cries for 30 seconds loses.

Ha ha – way out of bounds.

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