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Miraculous Image Of Birds Appears In A Pancake

Miracle - birds appear in a pancake

A miraculous image of birds appearing in a pancake was observed, then photographed for posterity. Or rather, for selling on Ebay.

This is the text put on the Ebay page selling this photo of one pan fried flapjack.

“See birds in a pancake found while making them for the kids. Around 3×5 in size. No returns.”

We are unclear as to whether it is the pancake that is “around 3×5” or the picture of the pancake that is 3×5. Nonetheless, details like this are moot when it comes to this miraculous image of birds appearing in your pancake.

When asked, a representative from the International Pancake Appreciation Social Society says that occurrences of birds appearing in pancakes are quite rare, and it is much more common to see Jesus or Mary appearing in the fried dough – a second favourite after appearing on church roofs and walls.

Pancake eaters have said that since this apparition appeared on April 20, 2008, there have been several more bird-in-pancake sightings, and even one detailed and to-scale image of a colony of puffins nesting on a Newfoundland cliff. Unfortunately all evidence of these claims have mysteriously disappeared.

Related is the fact that birds have also been appearing on churches. The secretary of the Council of Churches, Father Mina Panna, said other people had seen a big white, brightly lit pigeon appearing and disappearing – but he said the apparitions were different each time.

But another priest has been quoted as saying he spent the entire night awake and saw only ordinary pigeons, and only plain unadorned pancakes, so it was not a miracle.

This eBay auction is due to close very soon – act now and be the proud owner of this breakfast miracle.

For those who missed out, here is bird in a pancake on ebay – pdf of screenshot.

Flight of The Conchords Are Saving The Issues

Yes, yes. We can’t forget the issues. They must be saved.

And here is Flight of The Conchords, taking on this mighty task. And helping to make the world a better place for Brit’s, Bread’s – uh Brett’s and his imaginary wife’s children.

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Video: Charlie Goes to Candy Mountain

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Charlie Goes to Candy Mountain is still the best of the funny internet videos. And we watch them all so we would know.

Only Charlie the Unicorn has this funny song.

“Oh, when you’re down and looking for some cheering up
Then just head right on up to the Candy Mountain Cave”

Don’t be a non-believer – watch the video. Sweet sugary goodness awaits you.

Breaking News – a sequel to Charlie The Unicorn – has just been released. Click here to watch Charlie the Unicorn 2 and sing along with the Banana King Lyrics.

And here are the lyrics. All together now for the singalong!

The Candy Mountain Song

Oh, when you’re down and looking for some cheering up
Then just head right on up to the Candy Mountain Cave
When you get inside you’ll find yourself a cheery land
Such a happy, and joyful and perky merry land

We’ve got lollipops, and gummy drops, and candy things
Oh, so many things that will brighten up your day
It’s impossible to wear a frown in Candy Town
It’s the Mecca of lovely candy cave

We’ve got jelly beans and coconuts with little hats
Candy rats, chocolate bats, it’s a wonderland of sweets
Ride the candy train to town hear the candy band, candy bells
It’s a treat as they march across the land

Cherry ribbons stream across the sky into the ground
turn around it astounds it’s a dancing candy treat
In the candy cave imagination runs so free
So now Charlie please will you go into the cave!

This kept the Bitter Tonic team in stitches for a long time and it gets funnier the more times you watch it. Thank you whoever made this. And if you know who did – come forward and speak.

Do you disagree? Do you think there is a funny internet video than Charlie? Bring it on! Contact us to let us know.

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