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Geico Caveman’s Crib is a Mighty Cool Pad


The funny Geico Cavemen ad series has become quite a hit, and there has even been talk of a TV show featuring the sensitive victims of negative stereotyping. In the meantime you are invited to check out the caveman’s crib, where a big party is being a planned.

The site is an interactive Flash web site, so what you have to do is go explore and click about with your mouse. But be warned, it doesn’t help that you’ve arrived early,so be sure to mind your manners, and puhleeze, no more offensive jokes.

Adding to the caveman rollout is  Up With Cavemen, a web site set up by Cavemen in the US to garner support in their crusade to stop GEICO and others from perpetuating negative stereotypes and characterizations of Cavemen.

You gotta admire their spunk.

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  1. Mitch Martin says:

    I can tell just from the picture that the Caveman has a nicer pad then I do. Of course he does have a steady gig with those Geico commercials.

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