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Cool Tools and Tool Makers

We’d like to thank these bitter people for all their time spent in the basement developing the cool blogging tools that we’ve implemented on our site. Thanks for helping to pave the way. And don’t listen to what those mean cool kids say about you, you guys are the real deal. And we think the way you dance is cute. Really.

If there’s something you think we’ve missed that could help us out and make this easier and more effective. Please let us know.

Our Bitter Nod of Approval goes to:

WordPress by Automatic. We started our research a while ago, and since then you’ve grown to be the ubiquitous open source blogging tool of choice. And we thank you and the ever-growing pool of plugin developers for doing such a cool job.

Akismet – it came with our wordpress install, and it took us a while to figure out what that API key thing is (hey – we’re content specialists, not programmers), but we haven’t had spam trouble yet. Lurvely.

Adsense beautifier – by Supriyadi Slamet Widodo, makes our ads so purdy. Update: Unfortunately Adsense didn’t think so and banned pics next to ads so we had to take this down.

Sitemap plugin by – By Aleister. Displaying your posts by date just may not be the best way to do it.

Meta Tag Description Plugin – By Kaf Oseo.SEO is big, and this helps us get lots of search hits. We think.

My page order plugin – By froman118, keeps us oh, so orderly.

FeedBurner FeedSmith (previouslu FeedBurner Plugin v2.2 – By Steve Smith.) Changes your automatic feed to be your Feedburner feed. It does make sense to send only one feed out there, doesn’t it?

Page Link Manager Plugin – By Garrett Murphey. We don’t program PHP, so this plugin allows us to choose which of our pages need to be in the main navigation, and which ones can be in the footer only.

simple tags – By Broobles. Makes it really easy to add Technorati Tags to the end of your posts.

WP-ContactForm – By Ryan Duff. To keep the spam away.

WordPress Database Backup – because it’s the first thing we learned at school: back it up. And then again.

Similar Posts – By Rob Marsh, SJ. Adds a list of related posts to the bottom of your article. Based on Related Posts, but allows you to exclude static pages and categories. Beautiful.

Updated Nov, 2008

We got some more uber useful WordPress plugins.

Google Sitemap Creator, by Arne Brachhold, because whatever Google wants, it should get.

Optimal Title, By Aaron Schaefer makes your page title an SEO magnet, and moves your page title to the front before your blog name. This means more meaningful search engine results because some search engines have a character limit and weigh the first words more heavily. It’s good for browser bookmark names too.

Duplicate Content Cure. Seems duplicate content is bad and can harm your Google page rankings. You sure don’t want that, so make sure it won’t happenwith this plugin.

advanced-excerpt – you know why your excerpts look weird in the archives? The HTML has been stripped out. This one keeps them looking right and readable by keeping the HTML in.

Enforce www. Preference – did you know your stat count might be wrong because the search engines think is a different site than They do. Pick one or the other, and then let this plugin tell enforce your preference – in a very easy fashion.

SEO Friendly Imagesby Vladimir Prelovac will improve your SEO by automatically adding the alt and title attributes to all your images. Makes them W3C/xHTML valid as well.

WP Page Numbers by Jens Törnell Because “Next page” and “Previous Page” made little sense.

Broken Links Remover – takes them away if they are broke…

Platinum SEO pack – takes over from the all in one SEO pack and builds on it.

My WordPress Guru.

Lorelle is still a Wordpres expert
I still trust her.

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