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7 Reasons Why We Use Dreamhost Web Hosting

Here’s why we use Dreamhost:

  1. You get tons of space: 200 Gigs of storage to be exact
  2. You get tons of bandwidth: 2 Terabytes is loads
  3. It’s cheap. For $7.95 a month, you get lots of goodies. Plus you can host unlimited domains, get unlimited databases and 600 mail boxes.
  4. They have something called One-Click Installs – you can set up a WordPress blog with one click. That’s what we did.
  5. They are honest. There were some service glitches a while back, but they wrote about them frankly in their official Dreamhost blog, and admitted to their mistakes.
  6. They are funny. See previous email.
  7. They have a nice referral program. Every time you refer someone to Dreamhost, you will get 10% of their hosting fees forever, and 5% of whomever they refer’s fees.

And while we are speaking of referral programs, if you use the button below to sign up with Dreamhost, we will become your referrer, and you will defray some of our server costs, and that would be very nice of you.


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