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Who is Bitter?

Irene Duma – Bitter Senior Editor

A writer, filmmaker, actor and interactive designer, Irene spends most of her days building web sites for artists for far too little money, and her evenings learning how to kick heads at Tae Kwon Do. Dreams of a gentle world so that she and her cats can live peacefully. Gets pissed when asked how learning to kick heads will contribute to such peace.

Still bitter about: Getting kicked out of clown school. And don’t ever ask about the fax. Ever.


Contributing Writers

Diana Galligan

Comedic performer, writer, and actor, Diana is a also a web specialist. In fact she was Ms. Duma’s former teacher and employer. That is until the dot com bomb burst. Viva Vivi! – her first one-woman show – which Irene story-edited – won Volunteer’s Pick for Best Show at the San Francisco Fringe Festival 2004.

Still yabbering about: Her dental issues. And that damn award.


Tannis Kynoch

Tannis is a communications manager, comedian and aspiring chef. As a vegetarian, she finds it very hard to prepare fine cuts of meat in her butchering class. She met Irene in a Theatresports workshop where Irene was teaching improv comedy classes. Tannis will now teach Diana how to make her own tofu from scratch, and the teaching circle will be completed.

Won’t quit moping about: Bambie