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How To Cheat At Darts Fun Photo


He he he. How To Cheat At Darts. He he he.

I luvz giving the bird. I luvz it when the bird gives back.

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Rachel Peters: Fire Eater In A Tutu

We said it earlier in our video Post Festival Depression Hits Hard After The SJIWFF. We said “Rachel Peters ate fire.”

What we didn’t say was that she was wearing a tutu.

Well, here she is, our fave animator and comedian, Rachel Peters – eating fire – while wearing a tutu, at the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival Closing party. Where else?

Waaaahhhh. I miss the festival. Waaaahhhh!!!!I miss St. John’s. Waaaaah. I miss the best, funniest and most feminist women in the world.

That’s it. I am going back. I’m getting my ticket and flying out there. I am. That’s what I am going to do. Can’t stop me now.

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Random Acts Of Poetry With Liz Zetlin

Watch out! Poet on the loose!

Liz Zetlin, Owen Sound Poet Laureate for 2007, performs a “Random Act of Poetry” on fellow filmmakers at The St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival.

Rosemary House’s house was the perfect spot for this crime of art. The home was replete with filmmakers eating, laughing (mmm – those fishcakes!), and talking shop at the first ever Barnes Ladies Lunch.

Liz read an excerpt of her poem April Addictions, from her collection “Addictions of a Poet Laureate.”

Some of it goes like this…

anything that melts or intoxicates

dark chocolate, warm earth, red wine

anything that promises to unfold

daffodils, abilities, handwritten notes

those who find in themselves

greater pride and confidence as creators

Oh, yeah. Go poet go!

And we hear that’s exactly what she is doing. Liz has accepted a second year of Poet Laureate duties in Owen Sound.

Says Liz…

“…I want to promote poetry …to honour local poets and poetry in the community… to make poetry more than ‘words on a page’ … a way of paying attention and connecting to the people & things around us, praising and sharing moments of joy and sorrow.”

Yes! More poets. More Random Acts Of Poetry. More chocolate and red wine. Oops.

Learn more about Random Acts Of Poetry. It’s a national event!

Have you been poemed? Let us know about it here!

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Bitter TV: New York Fragmental

New York Fragmental – an ode to New York as seen through a cell phone.

By the artist not known as Bitter Irene. Music: Rhapsody in D Minor by Darkroom

Bitter Irene’s artist statement.

Since the early 90’s my work has been based on combining various media – acrylic, pastel, oil bar, soap bar, video, cake frosting, and meat to create colourful, conceptually based sociopolitical drawings/paintings, installations,time-based screen art and cream puffs.

In my work, I deconstruct the American dream, the lesser known Canadian dream, the princess dream, dreams of attending parties wearing only pyjamas, and the real meaning behind REO Speedwagon’s Dream Weaver lyrics.

My work also addresses the limitations of gender roles where I like to explore their vast comic potential, the universal fear of clowns. And puppies.

I usually work on several bodies of work concurrently, as my creative muse directs me. Sometimes I throw many themes together in one work in a seemingly haphazard way, hoping that the viewer takes away something of their own from it. I often do this when I am in a hurry.

At times these themes are combined into installations that feature mundane domestic objects, like spoons. Sometimes I put things in the spoons. Sometimes I don’t.

I like to make videos with beginnings and middles. I don’t usually have endings to my films, as I find them very hard to write, and am usually done with the idea by that time.

The color white establishes a dream-like surreal quality, suggesting notions of purity and safety. I don’t use it.

If asked to succinctly describe my oeuvre, I’d like to think that my conceptual sculpture weds minimal form with maximal content. But then I think that just sounds really pretentious, which makes me love the quote even more!

Currently working on:
Fragments 2
Fragments Toujours
Deeper connections

Special thanks to Darkhorse

Made for Semanal 08

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Bitter Tales: A Worm Composting Horror Story

Remember Cathy Parsons? She was volunteer driver extraordinaire at the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival this past October. She taught me how to walk into people’s houses without knocking and we also tasted cod tongues for the first time together at Velmas.

Well, bless her little environmentally green and eco-conscious heart. Here’s a great tale of horror about her first weekend at home with her fresh batch of little worms.

A lesson to all would-be vermicomposters out there.

PS. No worms, pedestrians or vehicles were harmed in the telling of this story.

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Bitter Tonic is Making One Video a Week for and the yahoo videoblogger’s group are doing a one video per week event for one whole year.

Bitter Tonic has joined in.

We’re committed. We’re pumped. We’re late.

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Thanks To All You Naughty Friends Who Attended The Coal Lumper Party

We celebrated the season with all their naughty friends last week. Let’s see who’s on our list.

I see the Porkbelly Futures. That’s their second time on the list – good work Paul Quarrington, Martin Worthy, Chaz, Stu and Rebecca. Oh, and Teddy Leonard too.

The Gents are naughty too. That’s Bruce Pirrie, Bob Bainborough, Mark Baram and Doug Morency – and they are uber comedy stars of Canada. Patrick McKenna AKA “I have to be in every Canadian TV series”, is the 5th Gent, but he couldn’t make it because he was being “nice” in Hamilton at a charity event. Humbug.

Naughty. Yes. Going down the list we find Marty Adams – cast member of the much hoopla’d current Second City show “Facebook of Revelations.” Which we might add was directed by the aforementioned naughty Mr. Pirrie.

Oh – she calls herself a pilgrim, but don’t let her fool you. MC Sue Kenney is very, very naughty.

Judith Keenan was there of course. Naughty. With bells on.

And then there was me, the evening’s host, Irene Duma. 100% pure angel.

Thanks to all our guests who came out for the happening event. Yup – they were all mostly naughty too.

And big sloppy thank yous to : The Gladstone Hotel, Come As You Are (701 Queen Street West, Toronto ) and Inniskillin wines.

Without you we are nothing. Or just kind of bored.

Cod Tongue Dinner at St. John’s Intl Women’s Film Festival

Remember SJIWFF* festival volunteer and Newfoundlander Cathy Parson’s who had never tasted cod tongues? Here’s a reminder – when she told her mom she’d got a scolding from Kay at Kay’s Chalet B&B, her mom said “well you just tell them you’re from town.”

Well, we fixed that when a bunch of us went off to Velma’s Traditional Newfoundland Restaurant for the festival’s first ever Cod Tongue Dinner, where Cathy and I held true to our pact, and tasted the meal that tastes you back.

As for the others, Megan Durnford (Ms. Would Not Could Not) had halibut and Catherine Mullins had pan-fried cod fillet, Penny McCann had scallops, Kate Jessop, the vegetarian, had an iceberg lettuce salad with baked potato.

Mmm. That’s the kind of food you need to fill up on before you go dancing your face off at the closing party.*

*SJIWFF = St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival.

PS. Now what are the chances that Cathy’d come pick me up in a Ford Escape? In fact the festival had a fleet of these to help drive us filmmakers about.

Ford Escape in Newfoundland

That’s Cathy picking up Sue The Soggy Pilgrim.

Idea – the Ford Hybrid SUV should be the official car of the festival. I can see it now – Escape to Newfoundland – where the savvy, sassy, adventurous women filmmakers go.

Hmmm. Actually, I think escaping to Newfoundland would be a fun thing to do. I’m on it.

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The St. John’s International Film Festival Takes Itself Very Seriously

Michelle McCree reports from the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival Closing Night Party.

“Just let go a little bit. That’s what I want to tell this crowd.”

Hoop La party featuring DJ Mama Cutsworth, the Woop Woop Hoop Troupe, Rachel Peters, the fire eating animator, and a cast of thousands of hula hooping funsters.

Held Oct 20th, at the Majestic Theatre, in St. John’s

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Post Festival Depression Hits Hard After the SJIWFF

Argh. It’s November 20th. Exactly one month ago, we were attending the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival – sipping champagne at Rosemary House’s house, watching films, attending gala receptions, and woop hooping it up to the beat of DJ Mama Cutsworth.

But it’s all gone. And so very far away.

Rachel Peters and I have been taking it very hard. Luckily we have each other. And that lovely Kelly Davis doll.

Kelly Davis doll

But it’s still so very very very very hard. Very. Sigh.

If you’re wondering how to start a PFD support group in your area, give us a call.

Please note – PFD sufferers can often find relief from their debilitating and misunderstood symptoms when reading comments from well wishers posted under the video. High ratings on Youtube help as well, as does joining YouTube, making the video a favourite, and adding us as a friend. Studies are ongoing. Be a part in the cure!

(Thanks to Wanda Carroll, Jory Rose, Joey Bechta for camera, the Chocolate Heaven Cafe, and my mom.

Music: “Spur Bathroom” by Cherie Pyne from her album Little Springboard)

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