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America the Beautiful played on Kazoo

This is Amy Gordon playing the kazoo – oops – three kazoos, in three part harmony, with unexpected body parts.

Amy Gordon is a revolutionary comedienne who performs physical, musical, stand-up and improvisational comedy. Inspired by and reminiscent of Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Liza Minelli, Julie Andrews and the Muppet Show; she is very much one of a kind.

Credits include: Broadway’s New Victory, Sydney Opera House, The Kennedy Center, Adelaide International Festival, Festival International de Teatro de Bogota, Montreal’s Just For Laughs, Dance Theatre Workshop, Symphony Space, GOP Variete, Quatch Comedy Club (Berlin), Palazzo Amsterdam, RTL’s World of Comedy and Britain’s Rude Tube. She’s been seen around the world with the Olivier Awarded circus cabaret, La Soirée (aka La Clique / Absinthe – but by any name, voted Best Entertainment 2009); including long runs on London’s West End, The Sydney Festival, and in Paris’ iconic music hall, Bobino.

Her current solo show, Round She Goes, played NYC at Joe’s Pub, Spiegelworld, and the Bard Spiegeltent.

Fred Willard Is The Common Sense Doctor

Fred Willard Is The Common Sense Doctor. Well, he’s not really a doctor, but people call him that because that’s his name. Yep, his parents named him after the Doctor who delivered him.

Fred Willard kills me. He has got to be the funniest guy playing straight-laced TV broadcasting types. Absolutely love him. Fred Willard comedy god.

Validation – A Funny Story About Free Parking

This is how I feel about getting free parking too. More Hugh Newman.

Starring TJ Thyne & Vicki Davis. Writer/Director/Composer – Kurt Kuenne. Winner – Best Narrative Short, Cleveland Int’l Film Festival, Winner – Jury Award, Gen Art Chicago Film Festival, Winner – Audience Award, Hawaii Int’l Film Festival, Winner – Best Short Comedy, Breckenridge Festival of Film, Winner – Crystal Heart Award, Best Short Film & Audience Award, Heartland Film Festival, Winner – Christopher & Dana Reeve Audience Award, Williamstown Film Festival, Winner – Best Comedy, Dam Short Film Festival, Winner – Best Short Film, Sedona Int’l Film Festival.

Sexy Panda is Funny Panda

Sexy Panda is another funny online video from Mediocre Films – that had me cracking up out loud. In this mockumentary, the Giant pandas get down and get funky.

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Yo Comments R Whack Funny Song

Sister Salad – are talented and literate video blogging sisters and they have taken offense to haters and their bad grammar.

I am with them. Bitter as I am, I love constructive criticism and a good debate. But a comment that says “Your fat and ugly hore ” just doesn’t hurt as much as criticism coming from a smart person. Sorry haters.


Oh, my God. Lizz, look at this Youtube comment. It is so grammatically incorrect.

It looks like it was written by an epileptic porcupine who speaks English as a third language.

Yeah, but, you know, who understands those YouTube haters’ comments anyway?

They only spend hours derogatively responding to other people’s videos because they lack the creative capacity to produce compelling and entertaining video content of their own. I mean, their insults, they’re just so…


We like proper English and we cannot lie
You YouTubers can’t deny
That when illiterate kids start hating on your vids
With ignorant crass replies
You’re ashamed, of your fellow man
‘Cause you realize they don’t understand
Basic principles of writing
Plus their insults are unexciting
Oh baby, we wanna go meet ’em
And try to teach ’em
Some basic diction and grammar
Or smash their heads in with a hammer!

First of all, punctuation
That’s a very good place to start
Just use some, use some
‘Cause otherwise it’s a run-on!
We’ve seen whole comments,
57-word comments,
without a period, comma,
or semicolon to be seen
We’re tired of starin’ at the screen,
Tryin’ to figure out what you mean.
Take a couple seconds to end your sentence,
So you won’t sound thirteen.
So haters! (Yeah) Haters! (Yeah!)
Do your comments need translators? (Yeah!)
Then punctuate. Capitalize.
It makes a difference, guys!
Yo comments are whack.

You like to swear and curse
And use hateful words
You just can’t help yourself, you have to take your feelings out
On innocent people.
Every other word
Is (booop), maybe or, (booop booop).
We’re not looking for Dr. Seuss
Just cut back on the harsh abuse.
You always seem like you’re screamin’
So please turn off your capslock
Gotta tone it down,
Only capitalize proper nouns.
So I’m lookin at Top Videos,
Is that comment talking bout “hose”?
If you’re gonna insult me
At least spell it correctly.

A word to the comment spammers, what are you thinking?
I don’t want you linkin’
To your porno site. in my video about Twilight
And Breaking Dawn.
(Edward’s got it goin’ on)
But to get back to our song
U like 2 type numbers and letters
And we r not sure y
And for some strange reason
You pluralize by adding z’s on.
So haters! (Yeah?) Haters! (Yeah?)
You think I should get a life? (Hell Yeah!)
Well, what about you? You’re spending your time
Watching my supposedly lame video and commenting on it and stuff
Yo comments are whack!

“dood u look liek a emo punk b**** seriusly i want my 4 min back later youtube im out ~johnny”

“wtf r u some kind of gay hobo the best you can do is stick ur head in a toilet u lame dork nurd”

So you’re clearly homophobic, throwin’ words like “queer” and “faggot,”
Or else you refer to racial slurs, regardless
Of whether they apply in con-
Text or make sense at all
You can operate a computer
But you don’t know how to spell
I know some words are tricky
Like “what” and “our” and “know”
You could make some flashcards
It’s really not that hard
Plus you’re callin’ people fat
And we ain’t down with that
‘Cuz you’re hiding behind your username
Like it’s some kinda game.

To the You Tube Haters and Slammers
Just listen to one last thing
While we still have your attention
We’ve got one more thing to mention.
Sometimes “Your” is possessive,
But other times it means You Are.
Put apostrophes when you need em,
And otherwise just delete em.
So haters if you’re too confused
About which form of “their” to use
Go to sistersalad’s YouTube page
And learn some ways to make
Yo comments less whack

Yo comments are whack

Think you’re bein’ clever but yo comments are whack

Can’t even understand you ‘cuz yo comments are whack

Tryin’ to be funny but yo comments are whack

Looking like a hack ‘cuz yo comments are whack

Rat Loves A Cat – Funny Cat Video

Rat loves cat is a love story between Peanut the rat and ranj – the cat. Interspecies differences will not stop the rat from giving the cat lots of hugs and kisses, and some other ratlovin’ specialties.

Rat loves cat from the Funny animal videos collection

Once You Go Bat Funny Video

Once You Go Bat is a funny video from the guy Frank Lesser who write for the Steven Colbert show. It is a vampire romance. Ok, vampire romance parody.

Which brings me to my question – what’s with all the vampire shit that’s out and about now? Roll eyes.

Nonetheless, this is funny. Hysterically funny. I gots to get me a bat for my hair.

Once You Go Bat
Directed by Frank Lesser. Written by Mike Brumm and Frank Lesser.
Starring Sue Galloway, Ben Rodgers, and a bat.

Slinky Funny Cat Video

< Here's a funny cat video for yee cat funny cat video lovers. Watch this cat playing slinky down the stairs. You just have to love them cats. Show this to your kid the next time he/she says he/she's bored. [tags] Funny Cat Video, slinky cat, funny animals [/tags]

“Têtes à Claques” Halloween Classic in English

It’s Halloween and here’s the Tetes a Claques Halloween Classic featuring Pop Tarts. It’s my favourite.

For all you unilinguals, or non-french speakersI’ve translated it into English for you. Sort of. Hope you can follow along.

Man: Allright, all right, what is it? Wouldja look at this.

Kid 1: It’s Hallowe’en. We want some candy.

Man: Uh yah. And what exactly is your costume?

Kid 1: Geez, a clown.

Kid 2: Me too. Me too.

Man: Uh, huh. Well, it’s a minimalistic interpretation.

Kid 1: Well, what do you want. They cut our budget this year.

Man: Ok, listen little Bozo, do you see a pumpkin in front of my house?

Kid 1: Non

Man: Then why did you ring the doorbell?

Kid 1: Because we don’t want pumpkins, we want candy.

Man: Ok, you don’t seem to get it. You aren’t supposed to ring the doorbell unless there’s a pumpkin.

Kid 1: What? Is that some kind of city law?

Man: No, it’s not a city law. It’s just the way it works.

Kid 1: Nope. Never heard of that. Ok, quit being an ass and give me my candy. And make it quick, I am behind on my rounds.

Man: But I don’t have candy

Kid 1: Well, give us something. It’s halloween.

Man: How about I just give you half my grilled cheese sandwich, then you split. Ok?

Kid 1: Hmm. I don’t like grilled cheese. How about Pop-Tarts. D’you got any of those?

Kid 2: They’re good, Pop-Tarts.

Man: Pop-Tarts. I, I don’t have any Pop-Tarts.

Kid 1: Come on. Everyone buys Pop-Tarts. Everyone has an old Pop-Tart lying somewhere in a cupboard. Just give me a Pop-Tart and I’ll split.

Kid 2: They’re good, Pop-Tarts.

Man: How about I give you a kick in the ass right now?

Man: You so much as touch me and I’ll call the cops and your face will be plastered all over the front pages tomorrow morning.

Man: Man, you are a right little demon.

Kid 1: Told you, I’m a CLOWN.

Kid 2: Me too. Me too.

Kid 1: Gimme, gimme a Pop-Tart. And we’ll all call it quits. Come on. Gimme, gimme a Pop-Tart. Just one Pop-Tart.

Kid 2: They’re good, Pop-Tarts.

Kid 1: Gimme, gimme a Pop-Tart.

Kid 2: Mmm. I like Pop-Tarts.

And in delicious Quebecois

M. Hey… que… ce qu’il y a? Voyons…
1e. C’est l’Halloween, on veut des bonbons!
M. Tu es déguisé en quoi, toi?
1e. Ben, en clown…
2e. Moi aussi, moi aussi!
M. Oh boy, c’est minimalisse, votre affaire!
1e. Oh, ouias, qu’est-ce que tu veux? On a coupé notre budget cette année-là.
M. Ben, écoute-moi, le petit Bozo-là, tu vois-tu une citrouille devant ma porte?
1e. Non…
M. Mais pourquoi tu viens de sonner ici?
1e. Ben, on ne veut pas de citrouille, on veut des bonbons!
M. Eeeeh… parce que tu ne comprends pas-le, vous n’êtes pas supposés aller sonner aux portes où il n’y a pas de citrouille.
1e. Ben, voyons donc, c’est quoi ça, c’est un règlement de la Ville?
M. Ben, ce n’est pas un règlement de la Ville, là, c’est comme ça que ça marche, c’est tout!
1. Mais je n’ai jamais entendu parler de deça! Hey, arrête de niaiser-le, donne-moi des bonbons, puis fais ça vite, je suis en retard sur ma ronne-là!
M. Hey! Je n’en ai pas, des bonbons!
1e. Ben, donne-nous quelque chose, c’est l’Halloween!
M. Regarde, m’a te donner la moitié de mon grill-cheese-le, puis tu sacres ton camp, OK?
1e. Ben, je n’aime pas ça, les grill-cheese! As-tu… as-tu des Pop-Tart à place?
2e. C’est bon, des Pop-Tart!
M. Des Pop-Tart, je… je… des Pop-Tart, je n’en ai pas, des Pop-Tart!
1e. Mais oui, tout le monde achète des Pop-Tart-là! Tout le monde a une vieille Pop-Tart quelque part qui se traîne dans une armoire-là. Enweille, donne-moi un Pop-Tart-là, m’a être ben content!!!
2e. C’est bon des Pop-Tart!
M. Euh, veux-tu m’a te donner un bon petit coup de pied dans l’cul à place?
1e. Ben, si tu me touches-le, j’appelle la DPJ, puis ta face va être sur le cover du Journal de Montréal demain matin!
M. Mais, tu es-tu un vrai petit démon, toi?
1e. Mais non, c’est un clown!
2e. Moi aussi, moi aussi!
1e. Enweille, enweille, donne-moi, donne-moi une Pop-Tart, puis on n’en parle plus! Donne-moi, donne-moi des Pop-Tart, ben, donne-moi une Pop-Tart, juste une Pop-Tart!
2e. C’est bon, les Pop-Tart!
1e. Donne-moi des Pop-Tart!
2e. Moi, j’aime ça, les Pop-Tart!

Check out or other English Translations of Tetes a Claques and a Tetes a Claques English Commercial.

Canadian Culture In Peril Political Parody Video

Known on Youtube as Culture en Péril, this is the English version with subtitles – Culture in Danger.

This is a great satirical video about the recent brouhaha our Canadian Conservative government is causing by adopting a slash and burn attitude to the arts and cultural funding coupled with infringing censhorship measures. ( Did I say coupled? Will someone censor me now?)

***IMPORTANT NOTE: To see subtitles, you need to turn the Youtube captions “on” by clicking on the arrow button at the bottom right of the screen, then hover over the CC symbol and turn the captions “on”. Thanks.***

Quebecer Michel Rivard, band member of ” Beau Dommage” and organizer of a small music festival visits a governmental committee overseeing cultural financing to ask for money to promote their songs in France. What ensues is a slew of translation and cultural misunderstandings as the anglophone bureaucrats in tight suits are are offended by the content due to what they deem are obscenities and censor and reject the application.

The song is called “La Complainte du Phoque en Alaska” – The Complaint of the Seal in Alaska. In Quebec phoque is pronounced like phuk – which tickled me pink when I was 19 and studying French in Montreal.

But I am not 19 anymore, and I am all about the phoques.

I am also vehemently opposed to censorship and believe that there is big trouble ahead when the government gets in the way of art and artists. No good comes from censorship, Stephen Harper. Learn from history please. Actually – learn from the present. The more the government censors – the bigger the hellhole it is to live in. I believe it’s the opposite of freedom.