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Daily Dose: Great Truth

“All great truths begin as blasphemies.”

George Bernard Shaw

Hello cruel world!

And welcome to Bitter Tonic!

Is the state of the world depressing you? Is your career idling? Your income pitiful? Are the unrelenting pressures of school or your family duties weighing you down?

Yes, yes, we know what ails you. Why, we suffer from these too.

We also know about disapproving parents, philandering husbands, betraying friends and the lack of quality tv programming.

Or how about shame and embarrassment, the sharp sting of loss, or a paper cut to the eye?

Whether it’s the failing of computer equipment – or vital body parts – we know how these and other elements of existential angst can really bring you down.

So consider this your daily dose. Take some time out from your perpetual state of denial and your self-medicating rituals to share a chuckle or good old belly laugh with us. Remember, it’s practically fool proof and free of all side-effects.

So, sip back, take yourself and your lot in life a bit less seriously, and come laugh away your troubles.

After all, misery loves company!

You are safe here.

Bitter Staff.