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David Byrne And Brian Eno Happen Today

Yay. David Byrne And Brian Eno released a new CD today – well actually yesterday – but the title of the CD is Everything That Happens Will Happen Today so who am I to argue? This is their first collaboration in over 30 years, and I’m listening to it as I write, and I’m all ready in love with the first 2 songs.

I am listening to it on this new fancy pants player from Topspin which I have embedded above.

What timeliness. I have just spent the weekend in workshops at the Our Future in Music conference happening here in St. John’s, Newfoundland this week, where the artists and industry professionals talked about the changing landscape of the music industry, and how traditional music distribution is dead. The big box stores are only interested in selling the hits, so if you are an indie, selling on the web is the way to go.

Also, check out how Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is being distributed. The songs are only available for sale on the CD’s web site for the coming month – then they will be available on other online stores too. They come in a variety of digital versions, from MP3 to FLAC, the latter being a lossless compression so it sounds better than MP3s, and they come with 17 pages of digital liner notes. You can also order a real CD that will be sent to you in Sept – as soon as it is made.

David Byrne writes in his journal that they are doing very little marketing, and he is interested to see how news of the album will travel. Turns out the song was downloaded 40,000 times in the first three days it was available.

Hop on over and download your free MP3 “Strange Overtones” from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today – as they are allowing fans one free download. I just did, and oh man, I am loving it. It has an 80s Love Boat vibe – no – it’s more like the music that used to play on Sunday afternoon golf shows, and a chorus that is unbelievably catchy – it just skims over hokey then soars to be uber cool. Yes yes – they are slightly out of fashion. Kind of like my words in the previous sentence.

This groove is out of fashion
These beats are twenty years old

Have a listen to the CD yourself by clicking on the musical player above. The player streams the songs from the web which they are allowing fans or web site owners to embed onto their websites. It’s as easy as embedding a Youtube video. Go ahead – do it – click share on the player above. I need this album played in huge numbers across the world – whence it will act like a musical Lysol, and cut through the over-processed crap playing on the mainstream radios and tvs, and threatening to choke out my soul.

Ok. That might be a tad overdramatic. But – not really.

Damn – Byrne is touring. He’ll be in Toronto in October. What are the chances he’ll come to St. John’s? Haha. Oh well, just one of the things I have to give up to live in magic Newfoundland.

Oh, didn’t I tell you? I moved here 3 weeks ago. Sorry. Busy.

In Praise of Robert Downey Jr

This special In Praise of Robert Downey Jr series is brought to you because I heart Robert Downey Jr. And it’s my web site so I get to do what I want. Nah nah nah.

In leading up to Tropic Thunder’s movie release – which promises to be one of the few comedy movies that will actually make me laugh – I will be filling this blog’s pages with Robert Downey Jr stuff.

In the comedy video clip above, Robert Downey Jr stars as Kirk Lazarus, the award winning Australian super-actor who underwent surgery to be transformed from a white man to an African American in order to play the part of Sergeant Lincoln Osiris.

In this funny clip from a making of the movie Tropic Thunder “documentary”, Robert Downey Jr, as Kirk Lazarus, playing Sergeant Lincoln Osiris, explains his method acting style – and how he learned to walk in the character’s shoes.

Oh, some heart too for Ben Stiller and his brilliant casting choice.

Hallmark’s “Charlie and Me” is Gooey

“Charlie and Me” was shown on the internet . It’s just what the world needed. More sickly sweet TV based on cliches written by dull people. It’s enough to make a bitter idealist go nuts.

My eyes rolled over and thudded when they heard this line. “Shhh. He doesn’t know he’s an iguana. ” Oh, how clever. It’s usually he doesn’t know he’s a dog. That’s way out of the box. And the reverse story is very ingenious too. Ditto the lead being a precocious too smart for her own age (unlikable) kid. Yawn.

Then the gimmick to go to the site to see Charlie all grown up. Wel, actually that was ok. But yeah, she’s a doctor, and a super caring one. Blech. I barfed a lot more than just a little.

I saw that and immediately needed to degoo.

With this video that parodies the goo.

More parodies. We need more parodies. Someone parody will ya?

Chris Bierko Interviews John Malkovich In A Tub

Where else would you interview John Malkovich?

This is the first in the inaugural series of “Bathing With Bierko,” wherein Host Chris Bierko gets intimatem, fresh and clean with his guests.

It’s cute. Malkovich gets his scalp massaged and finds how words can be disconnected from their meaning if repeated enough. I once lost the connection to the word “pretty” by doing the same thing. Try it. Portugal. Flamingo. Pretty. Or your own word.

But Bathing With Bierko is not as funny as “Between 2 Ferns.” And it would be funnier if they ditched the cheesy bubble transitions and sounds. A little too low brow.

Also check out the marketing tag line…

The master thespian joins host Craig Bierko for an intimate bath in the premiere of your favorite new talk show

How could that be my favourite talk show if I haven’t seen it before? Arghh – too mainstream. Malkovich deserves better.

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