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There, I Fixed It Good

Here’s a new funny web site out making waves. It’s called “There, I fixed it” and features photos of headscratchingly bad repair jobs, creative use of duct tape or just really bad ideas.

Like the imuffler.



In the vein of I can has cheeseburger, or Postsecret,
photos are submitted by readers.

Hours fun wasting time await you.

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How To Cheat At Darts Fun Photo


He he he. How To Cheat At Darts. He he he.

I luvz giving the bird. I luvz it when the bird gives back.

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Separated At Birth: Jason Castro And Lisa Edelstein

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Jason Castro and Lisa Edelstein - twins

A recent flu bug got me watching quality TV, and while American Idol’s Jason Castro sing, I had that “hmmm…he reminds me of someone” feeling.

Yup. He looks like Lisa Edelstein – Dr. Cuddy of House.

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The Best Funny Christmas Ecards of 2007

We found the best online christmas cards for humorous souls.

It was definitely slimmer pickings this year for unsucky and truly funny christmas cards – therefore much harder to find an online christmas card that could lift our bitter perma-scowl.

But we did find a few winners, so here are our 2007 picks for the funniest e-cards for the holidays.

Remember – to us funny means non-sappy, or relatively fart-free. But by no means do we shy away from the edge. These online christmas cards say that you care enough to press submit and are guaranteed 100% shmaltz free. And still in time to arrive for the holidays. Because you’re still cheap and still late.

Don’t forget you can also check out our picks for funniest Christmas cards of 2006. We checked and they are still funny. Can we pick ’em or what?

1. Last year’s top pick Elf Yourself upped the ante by now letting you elfamorphosize 4 faces. That means it’s 4 times as cute.

Just upload up to 4 photos and let the ecard magic work – it places your photos on the ecard. That’s personalization.

Elf Yourself card with 4 elves

That’s Team Patio above, starring Kelly Davis, Irene Duma (me), Sue Kenney and Judith Keenan (who made this card) working out a new routine.

Sucks if you have 5 in the family though.

2. Scrooge Yourself is this year’s offering by the people who brought you Elf Yourself. It’s another custom do it yourelf card where you get to upload your own photo and make a photo ecard. This time it’s a dancing personalize photo ecard.
Scrooge Yourself e-card example

Hmm. The weird part is I really do dance like that.

3. Someecards are our new best friend offering the most acerbic, witty and dry greetings out there in web world. And all FREE. Our favourite is

Some Ecards are funny

It’s great seeing you a few times a year and lots of great choices for those who care enough to hit Send.

I suggest we drink before we go out drinking is funny too. Ah hell, lots of funny.

4. Jib Jab’s cranberry horrorday card is hysterical and keeps the frat boy humour at bay.

jib jab popcorn string and cranberry card

Unfortunately, it’s not free, but if you register for an account they’ll give you $5 worth of JibJab Credits, so you can get it for free.

5. This Jib Jab sendables card IS FREE because it’s sponsored by Pepsi. Snowball fight is another card where you get to upload your own photos to make the ecard.

Jibjab Snowball Fight

It’s beautiful and we smiled slightly – but it could’ve been funnier with different sound effects and less missile hurtling snow ball throws. Hey, but free is free.

6. Did you know singing the wrong words to Christmas Carols is an offense? Oh, ya – it is.

The wrong words to carols is an offense

This one cracked us up. 5 bitter nods for ridiculousness and comedic execution.

But once again not free, so you’ll have to sign up for their 30-day trial.

Bonus: Funny Hanukkah ecard

Yes, Hanukkah is over but this one is so funny you should send it anyway and say it got lost in the mail.

Christmas Tree for Hanukkah

Once again this year’s research shows that there are plenty of online christmas cards out there there are very few funny ones.

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Presenting Our Second Ad In The Man Brooch Campaign

Man Brooch - ad number 2

Oooh. So, exciting! Tannis and I have just launched our second ad in the man brooch campaign. What do you think? We think we really nailed the sentiment this time.

Plus we’ve been working hard coming up with our next season’s designs. We had to work with a special New York consultant to get the styles just right because we’re expanding into the big apple next.

New York’s a tough market. Not much changes in men’s wear on Wall street, except for maybe the width of a lapel. But we’re aiming to change all that.

And I have some great ideas for a rugged outdoorsy-man line which I would love to launch at the St. John’s International International Film Festival. It would make such a great gift for all the gals to buy. I put in a big order with the universe.

Gawd – I just love the creative process. I can do it all the time.

we_can be bought footer

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The Beauty Of The Man Brooch

A question from our dear reader Ally

“Can we see close-ups of the Man Brooch?”

Of course you can.

Here’s Tannis Kynoch, Bitter Tonic editor and creator of the Man Brooch, with a fresh batch from our Summer 2007 collection entitled “I Love Sports and Tinkering In My Workshop Pretty Much The Same.”

Man Brooch Batch with Tannis Kynoch

A close-up.

A batch of Man Brooches

An even closer-upper.

Man Brooch Close up

The “Sandpaper and Screw” is this season’s surprise top seller.

Stay Tuned for our full catalogue of Man Brooches coming to you soon. Join our email list to get the latest on this and other Bitter Tonic exploits.

And please, let us know how the Man Brooch moves you by participating in our Poll to the right or commenting on posts.

Got an idea for the Man Brooch? Send us an email.

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Dear Bitter Tonic: What Can I Look Forward To After I Do A Pole Dance For My Man?

Dear Bitter Tonic,

I watch what I eat, exercise, and have just taken up pole dancing to look hot for my man (check out this nifty home pole dancing kit!) Just wondering what I can expect in return?

Suffering to Be Beautiful

Dear STBB,

Here’s what you get for all your hard work. Enjoy.


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The Darker Side of Halloween


On the surface, Halloween may look to be just another simple holiday intending to bring joy and laughter to our children across the land. But lurking beneath its sweet veneer is this oft hidden and darker truth: that the holiday incites violence and cruelty to vegetables.

Millions of our children, after gorging themselves on their preferred sources of nutrition, such as candy, chocolate and chips, take to the streets to show these more nutritious food choices how they really feel about them.

Though robust members of the food chart, the pumpkins are no match for these masked and sugared hooligans, shattering or splitting after a single kick or the slightest fall.

After enacting their revenge and hatred towards the pumpkins, our streets and sidewalks are littered with beta-carotene laden flesh and strewn with seeds rich in the amino acids alanin, glycine, glutamic acid, and zinc.

More cruelty to pumpkins is reported on this night than any other.

“It’s such a shame,” said Alice Millerton, as she tossed what was left of her jack-o-lantern into her compost bin. “It was going to make such a lovely pie.”

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Vanity Fair – Made Fairer

We were scandalized by the Vanity Fair issue where young starlets Scarlett Johannson and Keira Knightley posed nude on the cover.


There. This is much better.


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Why Dogs Hate Halloween

All new Why Dogs Hate Halloween updated for 2008 with all the latest greatest pics of dogs dressed for Halloween.

Also new : We found the Store that sells  Halloween Costumes for pets – See site for full details.

By the way, I think the three musketeers actually really dig Halloween. Check them out below.


funny dog picture in Halloween Superman costume

basset hound with knife in head

St. Bernard dressed for halloween

5 dogs dressed as ghosts

small dog dressed ridiculously

bulldog wearing lingerie - is there no dignity?

yoda dog

cerberus the 3 headed dog

hot dog pugs

pug dressed up as a spider

Want to buy some fun t-shirts for your dog?


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