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Don’t Worry Britney, You’ve Got a Friend

Britney, don’t feel bad about all the negative comments you received from your VMA 2007 performance. You’ve got a friend.

So stand back all you Britney haters – or you’ll have to deal with Chris Crocker.

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Congrats To The View On Your Emmy Wins – I Think

 The hosts from the view

Dear producers of The View,

I wanted to congratulate you on your double win at the Daytime Emmy Awards last week – one for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup and the other for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling.

Your hosts must be so grateful. I mean, they look so normal. Who’d ever guess that outstanding work needed to be done on their hair and faces, just to make them look – well – regular?

Ok, they do look a little more than “regular.” Some are sporting helmet-heads and others have the übur-glossed glass-lip look popular with newscasters. That must take a few extra spritzes. But still, this ain’t no Amadeus.

Oh well, an award is an award. Keep on achieving these great heights in achievements.

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Dear Cool Tool Makers and Blogging Gurus

Dear Cool Tool Makers and Blogging Gurus,

We’d like to thank you from the bottom of our shriveled little hearts, for all the time you’ve spent in the basement developing the cool blogging tools that we’ve implemented on our site. They rock.

Kudos to you for helping to pave the way with your skills, smarts and your generosity. You’re the best.

And just so you know exactly who we are talking about, our “Bitter Nod of Approval” goes to:

WordPress by Automatic. We started our research a while ago, and since then you’ve grown to be the de facto open source blogging tool of choice. And we thank you and the ever-growing pool of plugin developers for doing such a cool job.

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