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Rachel Peters: Fire Eater In A Tutu

We said it earlier in our video Post Festival Depression Hits Hard After The SJIWFF. We said “Rachel Peters ate fire.”

What we didn’t say was that she was wearing a tutu.

Well, here she is, our fave animator and comedian, Rachel Peters – eating fire – while wearing a tutu, at the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival Closing party. Where else?

Waaaahhhh. I miss the festival. Waaaahhhh!!!!I miss St. John’s. Waaaaah. I miss the best, funniest and most feminist women in the world.

That’s it. I am going back. I’m getting my ticket and flying out there. I am. That’s what I am going to do. Can’t stop me now.

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Bitter Tales: A Worm Composting Horror Story

Remember Cathy Parsons? She was volunteer driver extraordinaire at the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival this past October. She taught me how to walk into people’s houses without knocking and we also tasted cod tongues for the first time together at Velmas.

Well, bless her little environmentally green and eco-conscious heart. Here’s a great tale of horror about her first weekend at home with her fresh batch of little worms.

A lesson to all would-be vermicomposters out there.

PS. No worms, pedestrians or vehicles were harmed in the telling of this story.

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Cod Tongue Dinner at St. John’s Intl Women’s Film Festival

Remember SJIWFF* festival volunteer and Newfoundlander Cathy Parson’s who had never tasted cod tongues? Here’s a reminder – when she told her mom she’d got a scolding from Kay at Kay’s Chalet B&B, her mom said “well you just tell them you’re from town.”

Well, we fixed that when a bunch of us went off to Velma’s Traditional Newfoundland Restaurant for the festival’s first ever Cod Tongue Dinner, where Cathy and I held true to our pact, and tasted the meal that tastes you back.

As for the others, Megan Durnford (Ms. Would Not Could Not) had halibut and Catherine Mullins had pan-fried cod fillet, Penny McCann had scallops, Kate Jessop, the vegetarian, had an iceberg lettuce salad with baked potato.

Mmm. That’s the kind of food you need to fill up on before you go dancing your face off at the closing party.*

*SJIWFF = St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival.

PS. Now what are the chances that Cathy’d come pick me up in a Ford Escape? In fact the festival had a fleet of these to help drive us filmmakers about.

Ford Escape in Newfoundland

That’s Cathy picking up Sue The Soggy Pilgrim.

Idea – the Ford Hybrid SUV should be the official car of the festival. I can see it now – Escape to Newfoundland – where the savvy, sassy, adventurous women filmmakers go.

Hmmm. Actually, I think escaping to Newfoundland would be a fun thing to do. I’m on it.

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The St. John’s International Film Festival Takes Itself Very Seriously

Michelle McCree reports from the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival Closing Night Party.

“Just let go a little bit. That’s what I want to tell this crowd.”

Hoop La party featuring DJ Mama Cutsworth, the Woop Woop Hoop Troupe, Rachel Peters, the fire eating animator, and a cast of thousands of hula hooping funsters.

Held Oct 20th, at the Majestic Theatre, in St. John’s

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Post Festival Depression Hits Hard After the SJIWFF

Argh. It’s November 20th. Exactly one month ago, we were attending the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival – sipping champagne at Rosemary House’s house, watching films, attending gala receptions, and woop hooping it up to the beat of DJ Mama Cutsworth.

But it’s all gone. And so very far away.

Rachel Peters and I have been taking it very hard. Luckily we have each other. And that lovely Kelly Davis doll.

Kelly Davis doll

But it’s still so very very very very hard. Very. Sigh.

If you’re wondering how to start a PFD support group in your area, give us a call.

Please note – PFD sufferers can often find relief from their debilitating and misunderstood symptoms when reading comments from well wishers posted under the video. High ratings on Youtube help as well, as does joining YouTube, making the video a favourite, and adding us as a friend. Studies are ongoing. Be a part in the cure!

(Thanks to Wanda Carroll, Jory Rose, Joey Bechta for camera, the Chocolate Heaven Cafe, and my mom.

Music: “Spur Bathroom” by Cherie Pyne from her album Little Springboard)

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Fascinating Facts And Other Things I Learned During The Festival

St. John’s is one of the friendliest towns on earth, and it’s really easy to strike up conversations with people that you meet.

Since asking questions is one of my favourite pastimes, I was able to come home with some good bits that I will share with you here.

First, if you’re lonely and needing to talk to someone, O’Reilly’s Pub on George Street is the place to go. I was able to wear people down pretty quickly here, and hence got some good facts.

Fact 1: St. John’s has history.

From the pub owners Brenda O’Reilly & Craig Flynn, I learned that they are busy opening a second pub in St. John’s, to be called The YellowBelly Brewery and Public House. For the past 4 1/2 years they have been lovingly restoring one of the oldest buildings in North America to its former grandeur.

The cool thing about the edifice, constructed c. 1847 after the fire of 1846 but survivor of the great fire of 1892, is that it has the distinguishing feature of having not one, but two addresses. Watch for the opening of the brew pub soon at 288 Water Street and 1 George Street, known as Yellow Belly Corner.

Fact 2: Newfoundlanders love the sea.

On my right I met the second mate of a supply ship that services Hibernia. I smiled politely when he told me that, but I had no idea what that meant.

After shaking his head a couple of times, he soon took pity on my landlocked upbringing and started to spill.

Hibernia is the oil rig off the coast of St. John’s. There are about 82 men working on it, and they need supplies. Thus cargo ships are constantly going back and forth between the island and the rig.
The ships that service the rig are 280 feet long. It takes 18 hours to get out to the rig. The Second Mate is ranked number three on a ship (wow) and in charge of steering and navigation.

This job is mostly computerized now, but once there, the trickiest thing is to keep the boat steady and close to the rig so that cranes can load and unload crates off the boat. Translation – don’t bump the rig.

I asked if he was scared the first time he had to do this. He said yep. But his father was a seaman, and so was he, and it was the sweetest gig ever because he had one month on the boat, and one month off, so plenty of time to go home and spend time with his sweetie.


You too can learn Nautical Science at MUN, the local university, where he studied. Or you can just get on the boat and work your way up, which takes a bit longer.

Fact 3: Newfoundlanders are really environmentally conscious.

They are also very socially minded. I found out that Johnny Ruth, the style leader in ladies’ wear retailing is no exception.

Owner Kim Winsor, president of is Johnny Ruth, is intent on ensuring that the store is a socially responsible, ethical and transparent retailer. In other words, sweatshop, child labour, and meanness free, as defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

I saw her in the store putting up the new “transparent retailer sign” in the window. This means they hide nothing, and will answer any questions you have about the clothing, manufacturers, suppliers. Also, if you know something they don’t know – do tell them. This info is to be shared.

You can read more about their policy on buying only “clean clothes” on the Johnny Ruth web site.
You can also catch Kim dancing in an African dance troupe with Baptiste Neis – Producer, Pope Production party planner, and president of the Nickel Festival.

Fact 4: Newfoundland is a rock.

And the rock is some of the oldest in the world. Scientists from all over come to study these rocks which have preserved their tale of colliding continents.

St. John’s resident preeminent goldsmith Christopher Kearney works his custom magic and specializes in a Newfoundland rock called Labradorite.

Christ initially trained in watchmaking, his father’s trade, but later switched to goldsmithing. His shop is on Duckworth, with a view of the narrows.

You can learn more about the rock formations of Newfoundland and our planet at The Johnson GEO CENTRE museum, which is heated by the Earth itself through holes drilled over 150 metres into the rock.

Post Festival To Do List

Suffering from post-festival depression (PFD)? Feeling listless and counting the days until the next St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival? Who isn’t?

Because we all know that film making is easy and you have nothing but leisure time on your hands, keep your pain at bay by throwing yourself into some useful work.

1. Add all your new Best Friends Forever to your contact list.
Publicists say the value is in your “list” so make sure you add everyone who gave you a biz card or email address to your contact list or address book. Also add them to your social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIN, Flickr, and MySpace too.

(Sneaky me – those links lead to my profile pages, so now it’s super easy to add me to your friends list. )

I know, I know. You don’t have time for all of this, but if there’s one thing you really should do, it’s…

2. Join Facebook.
Why? Because The St. John’s International Film Festival has a profile on Facebook and posts events and news to it regularly. Also, most of the staff, volunteers, Woop Woop Hoopers and filmmakers are on Facebook too. Never mind that, most of Canada is on Facebook. We lead the world in terms of percentage of population joined. Yay, us.

Consider Facebook a timesaver, and an easy way to stay in the loop. It’s really easy to use and you’d be amazed at how creatively people are using it to keep in touch with friends, family, and even to market their films or other events.

I’ll stress that – it’s a great marketing tool.

It’s also fun. Every time I log onto my account, and read what my friends have been up to, I am guaranteed a LOL or ROFL time. For example, a quick glance of my home page and I learn that we’re all suffering from post-festival depression, and so a post-SJIWFF support group has started online.

Another cool thing about Facebook is it has a great tagging system for photos. If someone has posted a photo of you, you will get notified via email. And vice versa. You can post your festival photos and publicity shots.

There are some great shots up on the SJIWFF group all ready.

Be sure to check out Noreen Golfman’s profile pic. It reminds us why we are here. And Kelly Davis is one fine photographer.

3. Contact your new friends and keep in touch.
Email your new best friends, send them photos that you took while you were there, that link you promised them, or just a note to say hello.

You know what they say, it’s all about networking and who you know. Don’t miss your chance to know the wonderful people who were at the festival.

4. Support your new friends.
Add recommendations to their LinkedIN profiles. Forward their notices, press releases, or other publicity to your friends and networks. Comment on their photos, write on their walls. Link to their sites. Digg them. Stumbleupon them.

It all helps. It really, really does.

5. Search for fellow bloggers and add comments to their sites.
For the bloggers out there, commenting on other blogs is another another way to build community and stay connected.

Even if you don’t blog, leaving a comment on a blog is a good thing. When you comment, make sure you add your web site’s URL. That way other readers can easily click on the link and check out your website. Plus commenting builds brand and visibility. And as filmmakers, that is definitely what you want.

Hey, start now. Leave a comment below. What did I miss? Did I convince you to join Facebook? Are there any other questions you have about online marketing or web sites I can help you with? Fire away.

Coming up next – my list of marketing tips for over-extended filmmakers and other starving artists.

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Women’s Film Festival Scrapbook Number 2

pan fried capelin
Mmmm. Pan fried capelin for breakfast at Kay’s Chalet Bed and Breakfast located just outside Lamanche, Newfoundland. These little guys are the staple of the Atlantic, feeding the whales, cod, and homo-sapiens most graciously. We thanks ya.

east coast trail

The views along the East Coast Trail are spectacular. That’s filmmaker and pilgrim Sue Kenney, with Anita Shuper and Mai Nakazawa on the trail from Witless Bay to Bay Bulls.

Irene Duma Sue Kenney Kelly Davis

Me, Sue and St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival Director Kelly Davis outside The Majestic prior to the screening of Las Peregrinas.
I got my “must-look-like-a-film-director” glasses the day before I left. The beaver jacket was just a little something I had in the closet.

Kelly Davis’ cool boots

Wish I had Kelly Davis’ boots.

Catherine Mullins in a great sweater
And Catherine Mullins’ (director of Being Innu) Newfoundland knit sweater.

NIFCO’s monk in a box

But even though I wish I had NIFCO’s Monk In A Box,

patsy at NIFCO
he’s Patsy’s. Damn
Newfoundland town house cookie

One thing I want for sure, is a charming old row house like this one, which reminds me of Rosemary House’s house on Filmmaker Lane, the site of the fabulous Ladies Lunch. But I’ll settle for the cookie.

pope productions party

It’s the annual Friday night bash – the Pope Productions Party, and everyone was there….

Kate Jessop Penny McCann

board members of the st; john’s international film festival

Jean Smith Noreen Goldman

Baptiste Neis

…and they were dancing!

Pope Production Party dancing

Like crazy!

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More Overheard At The Women’s Film Festival

Rosemary House’s house

The whole conversation at Rosemary House’s inaugural lunch party was heard by the neighbourhood. “A friend who came late to the lunch today said she walked over and she could hear the party three blocks away.”

“But you’re supposed to,” said an astonished Marlene Creates when told she was the only one who RSVPed to the Rosemary House’s invitation. You’re definitely 1 in 39, Marlene.

“Well, you just tell them you’re from town,” said Cathy Parsons’ mom when Cathy told her she was getting flack for not having ever had cod tongues.

An exchange at Velma’s:
“I would not, could not, eat those cod tongues.” Megan Durnford.
“Even when you know how the book ends?” Cathy Parsons.

“I woke up at 6:30 pm, Febreezed my hair, and came to the party.” Karen Kennedy, SJIWFF publicist and media gal when asked how she felt after the Pope Production party.

“I am the Jean Smith of Ottawa…but without the lap dancing” Penny McCann, who is the Director of Saw Video in Ottawa.

“Do a little dance, make a little love, let’s get down tonight.” NIFCO director Jean Smith, , no particular occasion.

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“The Cleanse” Screens At Darryl’s Hard Liquor And Porn Festival

The Cleanse was made for the “69 Hour Film Festival Challenge” part of Darryl’s Hard Liquor And Porn Festival, and it screened at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto a week ago.

Oh, this has nothing to do with the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival – I just wanted you to see it 🙂

Filmmakers had 69 hours to complete a 4 minute film which had to include at least 3 of the following 10 items in their films…

  • 2 people in a shower
  • an impossible camera angle
  • a nipple
  • whipped cream
  • this sound ->
  • the line “what’s the biggest tub of mayonnaise you can get?”
  • the sexiest boots you can find
  • a legal disclaimer
  • the word “sputnik”
  • a money shot

We had filmed more items in our film, but had to cut them to fit the time limit.

The Cleanse was directed by Simon Fraser and starring Kirk Brillon, Diana Galligan and moi, Irene Duma (typecast again.)

And just in case you were wondering, Darryl’s festival is a porn parody festival, and the films this year were very funny. It included 2 films screened at this year’s SJIWFF – Teat Beat of Sex by Signe Baumane and Oh, la, la by Isabella Rosselini.

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