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Separated At Birth: Jason Castro And Lisa Edelstein

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Jason Castro and Lisa Edelstein - twins

A recent flu bug got me watching quality TV, and while American Idol’s Jason Castro sing, I had that “hmmm…he reminds me of someone” feeling.

Yup. He looks like Lisa Edelstein – Dr. Cuddy of House.

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The 12 Funniest Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

Here are our picks for the absolute Funniest Gifts to give for Christmas and the holidays.

Schwetty Balls

GIVE the funniest gift ever for your boss or co-worker, dad or brother-in-law who’s into golf:

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Funny golf Balls

Footsy pyjamas – for adults

Your man likes you to think that he’s big, strong and tough. What present do you give your man, proving to him that you know he’s big strong and tough? Answer: Camouflage footsy pyjamas. No doubt about – these just scream sexy man!

funny pyjamas

Stay warm at night in these soft, fleece footed jammies. High quality stuff here – complete with a drop seat secured with Velcro no less!

  • Elastic at the ankles
  • Non-skid soles on the feet

Think of the fun you’ll have with your man, if you can find him.

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Sexy Board Game

Sexy Board Games are funny because we are still all so sexually repressed. Let’s giggle at sex and call it naughty together while hitting on that sexy someone who caught our eye.
sexy slang party game

SEXY SLANG! It’s spelled with capitals because it’s screaming racy hot.

Hilarity ensues with this rowdy “party game” where you try to guess hilarious naughty charades and drawings while laughing your arse off. Your sexy arse, that is.

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The Hangover T-shirt

This is the Tshirt Zach Galifianakis’ character wore in the Hangover. Covertly cool

tshirt from the hangover

buy funny gift Get the hangover beads too. D’uh.

Bacon Calendar

Reserve your love for that which deserves it most. Bacon. Bacon deserves your love, after all it loves you.

This is the bacon love calendar. It will love you back. Honest. Buy a pound of them.

funny calendar bacon love

Bacon makes funny calendars…

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Betty White Calendar

Free Shipping on all order over $25 Betty White is still funnier than you. More funny calendars…

U Star Novels

Where your partner is the star in a romance or erotic novel.

Personalized Book Fever In France

U Star Novels have a “Lovin-O-Meter” that can help you decide how sexy you’d like your novel to be.

For example Indecent in Italy, has a low lovin-o-meter and is perfect for everyone, even your Grandma! Amsterdam Lessons’ Lovin-O-meter is not so low. They even have stories of desire for same-sex couples …ooh.

buy funny gift You or your loved one in a novel.

For Your Punk Dog

Dogs love to dress up. Free your inner punk dog and let him express himself.

dog costume funny punk rock costume

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Punk dog costume

Inflatable Christmas Leg Lamp – for the lawn

For the one who loves decorating for Christmas – it’s the inflatable Christmas Leg Lamp. It’s the famous leg lamp from Christmas Story, but it’s inflatable – and almost 6 feet tall at 5′ 9″.

Display it indoors or out – but preferably out. Built-in fan and lights inside.

funny leg lamp from A Christmas Story

Because you are cool, everyone in your neighbourhood should know it. You need to buy this now.

buy funny dog costume Ridiculously funny and cool Leg lamp.

I chase tail tshirt.

Your dog is good. The best one on the list. He deserves 2 gifts. This doggy t-shirt is for him.

Funny dog tshirtz

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When The Boredom Starts To Set In

Just days before being invited to “Escape The Boredom” by Ford, I was enjoying some cocktails on a patio with some friends who were in town for the Women in Film And Television International Summit.

“I am besotted with ennui,” I sighed into my beer. “I need something. A certain je ne sais quoi. A something new. Perhaps I need to change my patio drink. ”

“You need to come to Newfoundland,” said Kelly Davis, Executive Director of the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival.

“I certainly do,” I answered back.

“You should read a book,”said producer of the year Judith Keenan, “and make a bookshort.”

“Definitely,” I said, but deep down I had that ‘been there done that‘ feeling.

“You should walk 780 kilometers on the Camino Santiago Compostela Pilgrimage,” said writer Sue Kenney, who has herself walked it twice, forwards and then backwards, presumably not because she had lost a contact.

“No. Absolutely never.”

We all nodded understandingly.

“I am going to will something to happen. Did you guys watch The Secret? If I think about it, it will come.”

And I closed my eyes and focused on a handsome, hunky beefcake who was a mighty fine guitar player and singer, a superb chef and wine hobbyist, a superlative storyteller with a hearty laugh, a slight Irish accent, and a chocolate lab.

2 days later I was invited on an all expense paid trip to Hollywood to Escape from Boredom and to test out the new 2008 Ford Escape.

“Omigosh. It works!”

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Nothing Like A Swim In The Pool To Rehydrate The Brain

So, where was I? Oh yes, LA, FORD, Hollywood, frogs and and oysters.

The swim in the pool was just what I needed – and The Hotel Roosevelt’s Tropicana Bar with its fab pool lounge is none too shabby. In fact it’s so famous since its 2005 facelift that it was figured prominently in the HBO series Entourage.

I feel right at home.

Ahhh. What a view. It’s hard to believe that we’re just off Hollywood Bouleverd – akin to Toronto’s Yonge Street for charm.

Ford Escape from Boredom - at the Tropicana Bar lounge.

But wait. Is that a celebrity? Just to the left? Why, I believe it is.

Escape from Boredom with Ford

Oh, come on. What are the chances of him putting his arm up like that? It’s hard enough trying to take photos and not looking obvious.
a star by The Roosevelt Hotel pool in Hollywood

This is the best I can do. But a few laps of the pool doing the ever-classy sidestroke, and I am convinced he’s a somebody. My memory seems to be placing him in a film, like MASH. Or a TV game show host?

He looks so normal. Except for the long-legged super clingy Speedo bathing suit thingy he was wearing. That’s a sure sign he’s an actor.

Then again, he is reading.

Anyways, pools and beaches are just a few of this Piscean’s favourite things. I also love traveling, driving without a map, checking out mansions on long winding hilly roads, panoramic vistas, shopping and hotdogs.

Hmm…why do those things seem to be ringing a bell?

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What Happened? Trying To Piece It All Together

What? Thursday all ready? How could it be?

I woke up this morning in my bed [phew}, with Kermit The Frog on one side, an oyster half-shell in the other, and the strange sensation that I had been visited in the night by ghosts.

I have to go down to the pool side Tropicana bar for a dip and maybe a coffeetini and see if I can sort this all out.

Ohh, look. M&Ms in a prescription bottle. Mmmmm.

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