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Funny News Videos

Here are some funny news videos that continue to kill us here at Bitter Tonic. There’s there’s nothing funnier than when news anchors goof up and then crack up live on the news. Maybe it’s because of the contrast with the “image” the news anchor try to portray. Comedy is “in the contrast” they say.

Funny news – that’s contrast. And that’s what we love best about these funny news clips.

Here are some outrageous TV news bloopers.

TV bloopers that leave you in hysterics.

The German Wetter girl. We only wish we knew what was so funny.

If you have funny news videos let us know.

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Man Brooch Is In The News!

YAY!! WordPress, this blog’s wonderful software, just detected a link coming in to our site. Man Brooch Is In The News!

Yes! It’s our first ever article about the Man Brooch, and it got picked up by an award winning New Zealand web site called Spareroom.

Ok, now we are the first to admit that what they wrote wasn’t the most flattering.

Introducing the Man Brooch: Designs include various sports balls, a Ford logo, dice and a sandpaper and screw concoction. (It’ll never fly because they’re awful; like the country cottage brooches I used to make out of FIMO when I was ten.)

But we’re not going to let that get us down. That’s not what Mark Burnett, producer of “On The Lot” would do. Nor would judge Carrie Fisher (Carrie – call me. I miss you.)

And you know what they say in Hollywood. There’s no such thing as bad press.

As for awful? Pshaw. That’s what they said about Vincent Van Gogh’s work. We are forward thinking all the way. Like VanGogh. Like Picasso. Like hybrid SUVs.

So – that’s where we are going now – full steam ahead into the future. We are still living the dream. Making it happen. Because we believe. We believe in Man Brooch. And we know you do too.

Man Brooch Close up

Now tell me you don’t think this is a beauty?

Do check the Spareroom site out though, because, well, they have won awards.

And here’s some very funny news videos.

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