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Annoying Orange – annoys me

I don’t get it. Please explain why the orange is a hit?

World’s Fastest Undresser

The World’s Fastest Undresser – is on a Japanese game show.

Sassy Gay Friend: Romeo & Juliet

Everyone needs a sassy gay friend – especially when it comes to giving you the straight dope on love. Here’s how Romeo and Juliet would have ended if Juliet had a Sassy Gay Friend!

The sassy gay friend series is from The Second City – you know, the people who train improvisers. Featuring Second City alumnus Brian Gallivan and starring Stephanie Allynne

Walmart Clown Commercial

Another generation traumatized by clowns.

Mr. Bean Funny Christmas Scene

Because few are as funny as Mr. Bean. And because we like sheep.

Fred Willard Is The Common Sense Doctor

Fred Willard Is The Common Sense Doctor. Well, he’s not really a doctor, but people call him that because that’s his name. Yep, his parents named him after the Doctor who delivered him.

Fred Willard kills me. He has got to be the funniest guy playing straight-laced TV broadcasting types. Absolutely love him. Fred Willard comedy god.

Mighty Putty Funny Commercial Spoof

Another great online commercial spoof. I gotta gets me some Mighty Putty – that’s for sure.

Wait for it. wait for it. Yes, then there it is, at 53 seconds – it’s “green to white” technology in action.

For me it’s all about Mighty Putty’s green to white technology. That is mighty powerful technology. Much more powerful than – let’s say – purple to yellow technology. Yech.

Woooh. Mighty funny! Mighty Putty Funny Commercial Online!

Sexy Panda is Funny Panda

Sexy Panda is another funny online video from Mediocre Films – that had me cracking up out loud. In this mockumentary, the Giant pandas get down and get funky.

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Funny News Videos

Here are some funny news videos that continue to kill us here at Bitter Tonic. There’s there’s nothing funnier than when news anchors goof up and then crack up live on the news. Maybe it’s because of the contrast with the “image” the news anchor try to portray. Comedy is “in the contrast” they say.

Funny news – that’s contrast. And that’s what we love best about these funny news clips.

Here are some outrageous TV news bloopers.

TV bloopers that leave you in hysterics.

The German Wetter girl. We only wish we knew what was so funny.

If you have funny news videos let us know.

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Ninja Cat Plays Red Light Green Light Funny Video

Ninja cat plays red light green light – belongs in funny pet videos.

This Ninja Cat has her stealth movement down pat. In this funny pet video she plays red light green light with the camera. Remember red light green light? We used to play that as adults as a warm up exercise during improv comedy classes. But none of us were as good as this cat. Sigh.