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“I Dreamed a Dream” Video Spoof – Anne Hathaway Goes For the Oscar

Emma Fitzpatrick, a 27 year old singer/actress from LA, does a spot on impersonation of Anne Hathaway singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from the film ‘Les Misérables.’

In the parody, the actress plays Hathaway listing the reasons why she should be up for an Oscar in the best supporting role category for 2013. Indeed, now that we know how important campaigning for an Oscars is during this season – more important than even watching the films – the spoof gets even more poignant.

The lyrics for For Your Consideration:

Consider me on Oscar night, Anne Hathaway ‘Les Miserables’
I play a prostitute who died
Her life was really sad and awful.

But I was bold and unafraid
I let then give me this new haricut
And I lost half my body weight
But then they never did a wide shot.

And I sang the vocals live
No they did not re-record them
I coughed and wheezed and cried
In every scene until I died.

I sing a song about my woes
My hopes and fears and dreams and wishes
And though i had to blow my nose
I did it all in one take bitches.

And now I prey you’ll vote for me
I”ll stand up when I hear you clapping
And I all ready have my speech
Oh, gawd, is this really happening?

And now I know this role will be
My ticket to a Best Supporting.
Members of the Academy
Please don’t forget Anne with an ‘e.’

Kudos to Alberto Belli, a 28-year-old graduate student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, who directed and co-wrote the lyrics with Robert Hill.

I was really excited about the movie and I thought Anne Hathaway was terrific as Fantine.  This is meant as a homage more than anything else.  Anne is an amazing actress and deserves every award she is getting.  I’ve also seen parodies Anne has done of other actresses (“Homeland” [on “Saturday Night Live”]) and admire her sense of humor.  I did this sketch inspired by the press that surrounds her about her speeches and nominations.  It is evident that she really wants an Oscar, [then] again, who doesn’t?  I also like the humor the Academy uses in their shows with the hosts, and wanted to do something that paid tribute to that.

Read the full interview of ALberto talking about the video here.

O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics

Animated funny song video of misheard lyrics to “O Fortuna.”

gopher tuna!
bring more tuna!
statue of big dog with fleas

some men like cheese
hot temperature cheese
green chalk can taste like hippies
you caught two rocks?
pet two cool rats

you don’t get cheese or chicken!
play chess all day
hold his sock tip
she sold me good, hot chicken
saucy hot peas
get me cod, please
rock talk to boy who believes
suck juice from moose
fun, handsome goose
cement pizza?
noobie please!
open bra top
get him locked up
leaky aquariataries
look there!
don’t sue youtube
they wrote teh dictionary
salsa cookies!
windmill cookies!
they gave you gonorrhea!
this octopus!
let’s give him boots!
send him to
north korea!
ow, paper cut!
sandpaper, ahh!
potato soup and chicken!
go taste the dip!
it’s made with cool whip!
make room for aaaaaasaaa
piece of lovely cake


Will Ferrell Gets Down in Bat Fight

Will Ferrell Gets Down in Bat Fight “
Go around and  circle some more.”

Lin Yu Chun & William Shatner Duet “Saving All My Love For You” RARE

“Saving All My Love For You” takes on a new meaning in this rare video of a lost duet with Lin Yu Chun and William Shatner – Lin is the Taiwanese singing sensation who won the SuperStar Avenue competition with his rendition of “I Will Always Love You.” Now he’s Saving all His Love for William Shatner.

This lovely pairing of Lin Yu Chun showing off his vocal skills, and Shatner doing that – what is that – recitation? Is that a real art form? Sorry, I digress. A lovely pairing of love. Raw unbridled passionate love.

It will transform you.

Another PSA – Parody Service Announcement – brought to you by Bitter Tonic.

Bohemian Rhapsody Oompah-Band Style

Bohemian Rhapsody Austrian Oompah-Band Style

This is how I always imagined Bohemian Rhapsody in my head.

R U fucking kidding Me Facebook Song

Sing along with the lyrics to R U fucking kidding Me? – the song by Kate Miller-Heidke calling out the narcissistic ex-boyfriends in your life who still want to be your “friend.”

They say every one should have their heart broken, at least once.
That that is how you grow emotionally.
Well, I have been misused by many many many men,
but nothing can compare to how you treated me.

At times it really felt as though the pain was here to stay.
And though it’s many years ago, I feel it to this day.
And nooooow you wanna be my friend on Facebook…
Are you fucking kidding me?

All the memories are flooding back to me now.
All the ways you stole the light from my eyes.
I traveled so far just to get away from you!
Till this mornings friend request surprise.

At times it really felt as though I’d never smile again.
You narcissistic asshole, oh you nasty nasty man.
And noooooow you wanna be my friend on Facebook…
Are you fucking kidding…?

I don’t wanna know what kind of cocktail you are
or which member of the Beatles or which 1950’s movie star.
I don’t give a toss if you’re a ninja or a pirate,
I’d suspect you’d be a pirate but I don’t wanna verify it.
And I don’t give a sh*t what your stripper name is
or if your Kitty had a litter.
Look, just follow me on Twitter.
I dont care about your family tree
and I certainly dont want you poking me!
.. again.

And nooooow you wanna be my friend on Facebook…
oh you fucking fucking fuck.

Click. Ignore.

Recorded live at HiFi Bar by psychoandy689.

20 Things To Do With Matzo Funny Song

Happy Post Passover. Here are 20 things to do with your leftover Matzo – as sung in a funny passover song.

For those unfamiliar with this traditional jewish flatbread, here are a few details.

Matzo is cracker-like and made of white plain flour and water. The dough is unleavened (no yeast added) and not allowed to rise before or during baking, and is similar in preparation to the Southwest Asian lavash and the Indian chapati.

Matzo is also known as Matzah, Matzoh, or Matsah), in Ashkenazi matzo or matzoh, and, in Yiddish, matze.

Matza is eaten during the Jewish holiday of Passover, when leavened products are forbidden. You are supposed to eat it on the night of the seder. Like as in commandment.

But how much matza can you eat, now that one is non-nomadic and doesn’t need to rely on lightweight, long-lasting foods – and can find a fridge full of much more yummy foods?

Not that much.

And so the funny song 20 Things To Do With Matzo is born.

A musical performance by Michelle Citrin and William Levin

LYRICS to See our other videos:

Passover’s over, and wouldn’t it be neat
if you could use all the matzah that you didn’t eat?

1. Catch it like a Frisbee with your friends in the park, or you could
2. jump in the water and pretend you’re a shark

3. You can make a matzah pick and play the guitar, and you can
4. make a matzah license plate for your car

5. Use it as a coaster when you’re drinking a beer, and
6. Throw it as confetti for a happy new year


Passover’s over, and wouldn’t it be neat
if you could use all the matzah that you didn’t eat

11. Crumble up some matzah to line your hamster cage
12. or you can use it as a bookmark to hold your page

13. Break a stack of matzah when you practice your karate
14. build a matzah dog house for your doggy named Scottie

15. Make a little matzah boat and wave it goodbye,
16. or make a pair of matzah wings and learn how to fly

17. Wear some matzah jewelry
18. Make a picture frame for me
19. Have a drink of matzah tea
20. Matzah’s all that I can see!

There’s just one more thing to do with unleavened bread
… you can eat it … cuz it ain’t all that bad.

Lyrics by William Levin and Michelle Citrin
Composed by William Levin