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Cat Bands Are Hot

Cat bands are hot. And cats make great videos. This is most likely due to the innate intuitiveness shared by most felines.

Also, cats make great drivers too. Don’t mess with cats.

Holy Fuck – Red Lights
From the album “Latin” –
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Director: Brian Borcherdt & Michael LeBlanc
Production Co.: Slowlover Films
Executive Producer: Michael LeBlanc
DOP: Michael LeBlanc
Editor: Phil Prates

Cats as Christmas Presents

Cats make great Christmas presents. Don’t listen to what the SPCA says, giving live pets is good. Especially to young children.

When you give live pets as gifts, you must wrap them. Fedex doesn’t allow delivery otherwise.

This is how to wrap your Christmas cat. Cats like paper, so step one is easy. Don’t forget to stick the tape onto your cats feet afterwards. Twice as much fun for all, guaranteed.

If you do not understand satire, then you will not understand this post. And we will not be able to help you. Ever. Good luck.

Moody Chihuahua Love

Cat loves chihuahua. Chihuahua loves cat’s love. For a while.

I too have dated moody fucks like this. In fact, I wear the cat’s last expression on my face most of the time.

Cat Drinks and Showers at Same Time

In this cat video, puss shares his fave drinking technique. Might not be the most efficient, and not great for water conservation, but he does have the cleanest head in town.

Don’t tell me cats have no brains…

Boxing Cat

Fun Boxing Cat!The most amazing bloopers are here

This cat appears to be boxing alongside a TV show watching a boxing match. Even if it’s a fake, this is pretty cute.

SpiderCat Funny Cat Video

Watch the amazing spidercat defy gravity as it climbs stairs – while underneath them.

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Simon’s Cat Catches A Fly

Another in funny cat animation from the Simon’s Cat video series.

For cat owners like us, this one is truly funny.

Rat Loves A Cat – Funny Cat Video

Rat loves cat is a love story between Peanut the rat and ranj – the cat. Interspecies differences will not stop the rat from giving the cat lots of hugs and kisses, and some other ratlovin’ specialties.

Rat loves cat from the Funny animal videos collection

Great Gift Guide for Music Lovers

Need a great gift for the music lover in your family? Who doesn’t?

This is easy, music lovers like T-shirts and posters. Funky music lovers like funky non-sucky t-shirts and posters of Bob Marley.

We like non-sucky tshirts too. And we like music that goes loud. So here’s our first funny gift

It goes to 12
Spinal Tap invented loud music that went to 11. That was in the Olden Days. Now the volume can go to 12.

This one goes to 12

This one goes to 12

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More Cow Bell shirt

If you have to ask about what this means, you are uncool. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a cool gift. Make someone reevaluate their opinion of you with this t-shirt commemorating the classic SNL skit, where Christopher Walken demands more cowbell in the mix- thereby making it the coolest instrument ever.

More Cow Bell Tshirt

More Cow Bell Tshirt

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City slickers roughing it on the patio T- shirt
Cool city slickers putting down the country will never go out of style.

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Slinky Funny Cat Video

< Here's a funny cat video for yee cat funny cat video lovers. Watch this cat playing slinky down the stairs. You just have to love them cats. Show this to your kid the next time he/she says he/she's bored. [tags] Funny Cat Video, slinky cat, funny animals [/tags]