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How to Create a Movement.

Nice. But I prefer to be the lone nut. Back off.

Jonathan’s Mom Wants a Webcam

Jon bought his mom a computer for her birthday, only she is really disappointed it didn’t come with a webcam,

These are real voice-mails from a real mom.

All we can say is Jon – you’re a good son. We hope you get the chicken parmesan.

(PS. We found this on YouTube’s Twitter account.

The Movie Trailer You’ve Always Seen

This Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer by Britanick hysterically shows what we’ve been feeling for some time now but were too afraid to admit – that we’ve seen it all before.

We’ve seen the movie, the ending, the beginning and middle. And now we’ve been watching the same trailer over and over for years.


Thank gawd for parody.

Dog Massage Hollywood Style

Dog massage. Because people are crazy. And in Beverly Hills they are craziest.

For the richest of the rich, there is now a luxury spa for dogs. The faulty logic goes like this – if the owners like it, they think naturally, their dog will like it too, so our little canine pups are treated to dog massages, doggy yoga, doggy facials, jacuzzis, and aromatherapy (vanilla and lavender? Not rotting fish?.)

All of this administered earnestly by doting specialists with fake diplomas.

Best line by Triumph the Dog in this Conan O’Brien clip “What’s it like being the reason Al Quaeda hates us?”

Worst idea – that this upscale spa that caters to dogs has really taken off.

Terrorist Bloopers

Allah! Alllaaaaahhh!

How Young and Stupid Became Fashionable

Craig Ferguson gets it in this opening monologue about the trouble with the world today – we have come to deify the young and stupid. The problem is that the young, who yes, are stupid, are trying harder and harder to match this low idea.

Now, why did we start liking you in the first place? Because the young are stupid enough to buy the products we market to you. No honour there.

We at Bitter Tonic wholeheartedly recommend watching this video which explains why we love the young…..and hope that it causes the reversal…the deification of smarts.

Smarts is where it’s at.

PS. Smarts don’t have to come packaged with age, we’ll take young smarts too. It’s just harder to find.

SpiderCat Funny Cat Video

Watch the amazing spidercat defy gravity as it climbs stairs – while underneath them.

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Simon’s Cat Catches A Fly

Another in funny cat animation from the Simon’s Cat video series.

For cat owners like us, this one is truly funny.

Fred Willard Is The Common Sense Doctor

Fred Willard Is The Common Sense Doctor. Well, he’s not really a doctor, but people call him that because that’s his name. Yep, his parents named him after the Doctor who delivered him.

Fred Willard kills me. He has got to be the funniest guy playing straight-laced TV broadcasting types. Absolutely love him. Fred Willard comedy god.

Literal Videos Are Funny

Total Eclipse of the heart is a song I loved when I was growing up. Yes. It’s true. It hit my shmaltzy side. I have one and as you can see, it reacts strongly to classic shmaltz.

Though I liked the song,  I never saw the music video for Total Eclipse of The Heart.  Oh, boy, and it’s a good thing, as it would have turned me off the song for life. As it stands, it has only turned me off the song for half my life.

My fave line.

Spin around. NInjas.

Who made this original video? What were they thinking? Why did other people allow this person to make his thinking a reality. Can you imagine sitting at a dinner party close to this writer/director? What would you say to him/her as he told you his great ideas, of how he sees things.

Wow, this video just gets me thinking. And wondering, how did I ever live through the 80s. No wonder I need this much therapy – this was considered normal.