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Funny DVD Gifts

Giving a funny DVD to someone is just that much better than giving a CD – that’s because DVDs costs more.

The trick is to match the funny DVD to the person. That is better than giving a DVD that you want to watch for yourself – but only by a smidgen.

Here we have picked the best of the funny DVDs for your friends, family – or for you.

For your wild and crazy friends.

MADtv – The Complete First Season
Mad TV! IT’s wild and crazy. Your friends are wild and crazy. That means you are wild and crazy. So much wildness and craziness – we can’t stand it!

For your political friend.

Your political friend will like Jibjab’s funny DVD. Jibjab are famous for those political Flash raps, and now have taken over the Christmas dancing elves card.

JibJab: The Early Years

Isn’t it cute how we assume you only have one political friend?

Funny DVD for the whole Family.

Thou Shalt Laugh – The Deuce

We don’t know what this is but its brought to you by the producer of “The Blue Collar Comedy Tour”, and hosted by five-time Emmy Award-winning comedian Tim Conway, Thou Shalt Laugh-The Deuce is 90 minutes of fun for the entire family. That probably means you won’t like it. Damn kids.

Gifts for Hannukah

Funny Gifts for Hannukah  – or Chanuka, or Channukah – or whichever one you celebrate.

Those guys at Someecards are all about the spirit.

And this beautiful dreidel tshirt proves it. Dreidels – for boys and girls to cheat with!

That’s all we got.

Cool Tee Shirts

Cool Tee Shirts. Must have more cool tee shirts.

These tee shirts are cool. We says so.

Smart is cool.
Yo mama. Be cool when you find out that only 10% of the crowd get this and 22 % are just faking that they get it.

I wish Googling myself yielded better results.
That’s what the other 68% say.

Beer Is cool.
Way cool. And it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Yay!

Girls Sleeves Tiger Full Body Tattoo Shirt

Girls Sleeves Tiger Full Body Tattoo Shirt
Screams cool!

Funny Gifts

Funny Gifts To Give For Christmas

Nothing shows you care more than the gift of laughter. Hmm…does that even make sense? Maybe it’s more like “understand the joy of giving when you give a gift that is the funniest in the room.” Either way you know by now that we at Bitter Tonic prefer funny to anything else. Even chocolate. Wait..let me check. Yep – even chocolate.

So here are our picks of the funniest of the Funny Gifts to Give:

Jesus Saves T shirt for the Hockey Buff

Who saves? Jesus saves.

Who saves? Jesus saves

Profess the true meaning of hockey on your tshirt. The Jesus Saves t shirt is a real crowd pleaser.

For Your Teenager
The darling who won’t let up about getting a tattoo – fake tattoo sleeves.

fake tattoo sleeve to buy large

Butterflies and fairies for girls, and flaming skulls of death for boys ensures sexism lives on Phew!

Is your teen constantly whining about getting a tattoo? Then get them fake tattoo sleeves. They look just like tattoos, kind of, and tell them to go apply for a job. Get them to pick one out and see if in a month, or a year, they still think the design is cool. Tell them that’s why the government still makes parents legally responsible for teens, because their brains still aren’t functioning at full speed, and they don’t have enough life history yet to be wise. Tell them that things change, and that we are genetically programmed to look back at our high school yearbooks and mock and ridicule our hair and fashion choices. Then show them your high school year book picture, and laugh and laugh, enjoying your bonding moment.

Tattoo sleeves are available for girls and boys – and there are lots of designs to choose from.

Gifts that say you’re my boss…

Shwetty balls for the boss.

Shwetty balls for the boss.

If you and your boss are close, you may want to give him some Schwetty balls. These are golf balls. Bosses like golf balls.

If you and your boss are not that close, Schwetty Balls also come in blue.

Just give them a great box.

Use these boxes from the onion to wrap your crappy present in. Just screams I pawned you – and that’s what the season is all about.

GotchaBox® Gift Boxes.

Let’s you wrap your crappy gifts in a box to remember. Created by The Onion.

Click here to go to


Bitter Tonic Faves:

you  looked better on myspace tshirt
You looked better on MySpace T-shirt

More funny gifts coming up.

The Best Funny Christmas Ecards of 2007

We found the best online christmas cards for humorous souls.

It was definitely slimmer pickings this year for unsucky and truly funny christmas cards – therefore much harder to find an online christmas card that could lift our bitter perma-scowl.

But we did find a few winners, so here are our 2007 picks for the funniest e-cards for the holidays.

Remember – to us funny means non-sappy, or relatively fart-free. But by no means do we shy away from the edge. These online christmas cards say that you care enough to press submit and are guaranteed 100% shmaltz free. And still in time to arrive for the holidays. Because you’re still cheap and still late.

Don’t forget you can also check out our picks for funniest Christmas cards of 2006. We checked and they are still funny. Can we pick ’em or what?

1. Last year’s top pick Elf Yourself upped the ante by now letting you elfamorphosize 4 faces. That means it’s 4 times as cute.

Just upload up to 4 photos and let the ecard magic work – it places your photos on the ecard. That’s personalization.

Elf Yourself card with 4 elves

That’s Team Patio above, starring Kelly Davis, Irene Duma (me), Sue Kenney and Judith Keenan (who made this card) working out a new routine.

Sucks if you have 5 in the family though.

2. Scrooge Yourself is this year’s offering by the people who brought you Elf Yourself. It’s another custom do it yourelf card where you get to upload your own photo and make a photo ecard. This time it’s a dancing personalize photo ecard.
Scrooge Yourself e-card example

Hmm. The weird part is I really do dance like that.

3. Someecards are our new best friend offering the most acerbic, witty and dry greetings out there in web world. And all FREE. Our favourite is

Some Ecards are funny

It’s great seeing you a few times a year and lots of great choices for those who care enough to hit Send.

I suggest we drink before we go out drinking is funny too. Ah hell, lots of funny.

4. Jib Jab’s cranberry horrorday card is hysterical and keeps the frat boy humour at bay.

jib jab popcorn string and cranberry card

Unfortunately, it’s not free, but if you register for an account they’ll give you $5 worth of JibJab Credits, so you can get it for free.

5. This Jib Jab sendables card IS FREE because it’s sponsored by Pepsi. Snowball fight is another card where you get to upload your own photos to make the ecard.

Jibjab Snowball Fight

It’s beautiful and we smiled slightly – but it could’ve been funnier with different sound effects and less missile hurtling snow ball throws. Hey, but free is free.

6. Did you know singing the wrong words to Christmas Carols is an offense? Oh, ya – it is.

The wrong words to carols is an offense

This one cracked us up. 5 bitter nods for ridiculousness and comedic execution.

But once again not free, so you’ll have to sign up for their 30-day trial.

Bonus: Funny Hanukkah ecard

Yes, Hanukkah is over but this one is so funny you should send it anyway and say it got lost in the mail.

Christmas Tree for Hanukkah

Once again this year’s research shows that there are plenty of online christmas cards out there there are very few funny ones.

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The Twelve Funniest Gifts To Give 2007

Here are our picks for the Funniest Gifts to give. Also check out:

Funny Gifts 2008

Great Gift Guide for Music Lovers

12 Funniest gifts to give this holiday season 2007

Bitter Tonic’s Funny Gift Guide 2007

Giving till it hurts.

[Download the Bitter Tonic Funny gift guide PDF . Email it to your friends! ]

We scoured the earth for the funniest and best gifts to give to your loved ones and those other people on your list. We hope these melt their bitter little hearts – just a little.

The Yoko Ono Action Figure Doll

Yoko Ono action figure doll

Yeeha. Go Yoko go! What could be cuter? Or more action-y?

Give to: Your BBF (Bitter Best Friend), the music buff, your mom, the Beatles fan. From

Action figure also come in Tina Turner, Frida Kahlo, Johnny Cash, and Jean Michel Basquiat flavas. Collect ‘em all.

Demotivational Calendar 2008

demotivational calendar by despairThe antidote to all those sickly sweet motivational slogans and other forms of delusional thinking.

Give to: the bitter idealist in your life, your Secret Santa, those whose purpose in life serves as a warning. By

Demotivational T-shirts

despair demotivational giftsOuch. This one hurts.

Suitable for everyone. – commanding the demotivational niche.

The Branded Baby Sleeper

iPood baby sleeper - also iPukeSo cute. And stylish!

Give to: baby, new ma or pa.

From Etsy marketers rainbowswirlz and mamamonkey.

We’re not sure who came up with the idea first. Duke it out.

Steak Branding Irons

steak branding ironsSo uncute. And cowboyish! Adds instant class to your tailgate party.

Give to: the butcher, dad, the cowboy in your life, The Moodie (check this video directed by Irene to see what a Moodie is. )

Also comes in Nascar, College, Western and other novelty styles. (Yeah, you read that correctly. It says Nascar .)

I See Bread People T-shirt.

i see bread people tshirtWe don’t even know what it means and it’s still funny.

Give to: the baker, the boyfriend, the boss, the film buff, the t-shirt collector, the newspaper delivery guy.

supastarr on

Candle holder

candle holder - hand holding a candleWe didn’t want the candlestick maker to feel left out.

Give to: the candlestick maker, the unsucky woman in your life, Cocteau fans.

Pug Fridge Magnet

pugs not drugs fridge magnets

Pugs. They’re everywhere.

Give to: pug lovers, people who don’t have pug fridge magnets, people on whom you don’t want to spend more money on than the cost of a fridge magnet, recreational pug users.

From one smug pug at Also check out their web site

Jesus Saves Card

Jesus saves cardSpeaks for itself.

Give to: the home team, the fanatics fans, the not-too-self-righteous,


Wisconsin cheese balls and Sausages.

wisconsin cheese balls and sausagesThese just scream the party has started.

Give to: the host or hostess, the office party, gramma and grampa

Oh My Dog Perfume

oh my dog perfumeBecause nature stinks.

Give to: your precious poochykins, or the precious dog-owner in your life. (And I thought my rhinestone dog choker collar was a bit frou frou.)

Available at

and other pampered pooch stores. (Egads – there are tons of them out there.)

All About Me-ow Cat Boa

gift guide  - boa for pampered cat“Watch your normally domestic feline take on the confidence of a Lion as she wears this major fashion statement.”

That’s what it says on the website, We swear.

Give to: your confidence-lacking cat.

Spotted at:

Download the Bitter Tonic Funny gift guide . Email it to your friends!

Check out last year’s list of funny gifts. Some of these never go out of style.

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