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The funniest taxidermy TV commercial

Chuck Testa- of Ojai Valley Taxidermy. It probably is the only funny taxidermy commercial out there, but that doesn’t mean this one isn’t funny.

Nope. Chuck Testa does not taxidermize pets.

Walmart Clown Commercial

Another generation traumatized by clowns.

Funny Fox Sports TV Commercial

When you love something very much, you can’t stand to be apart from it.

In this funny commercial, a husband’s love of sports won’t get between him and his doo doo.

Geico Commercial with the Pips

The Pips? It took me a while to realize that they are those guys who sing with Gladys Knight – as in Gladys Knight and the Pips. And the Pips rock this commercial.

We don’t have Geico here in Canada, so we are missing out on these great commercials. Luckily there’s Youtube.

In this Geico commercial, part of the Real Geico Customer series, Tara Guelig tells her story while the original Pips, Merald “Bubba” Knight(Right), William Guest(Left), and Neil Taffe (Gladys Knight’s background singer) interpret.

Too funny.

Geico Commercial with Funny Sound Effects

Alex Klein is a real guy. So Geico hired that guy who does those funny sound effects. His name is Michael Winslow…

Geico…commercials that are funnier than TV. I immediately thought of the horrid unfunny show starring Selma Blair ” Kath and Kim.” Shudder.

Did you see the Australian version it’s a copy of? Now that one is funny. It’s playing on BBC –

Geico Music

The company that makes funny commercials starring cavemen, geckos or stacks of money also have made some music famous.

For those of you who are fans – the Geico site allows music downloads of their three big hits.

Check them out at..

Geico Video

The Geico Video phenomenon – where commercials are funnier than TV and certainly funnier than most comedy movies (I am still suffering PTST from The Wedding Crasher.)

Here is the original Geiko caveman series, wherein a TV commercial insults “cavemen.” Unbeknownst to them, the cavemen are still around, much developed and sophisticated, and quite offended.

Pretty funny stuff. So funny that they caused a TV sitcom spinoff, which unfortunately tanked during the strike. Still, there’s plenty of comedy fodder here.

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Funny Sheep Art with LED Lights

Sheep art requires extreme shepherding. Meet the baa-studs. These baa-studs who not only know how to light sheep with LED lights – but they know how to wrangle them into art. Or at least know how to wrangle their shepherds into getting them sheep to obey. Re-neigh-sance men…I’d say.

This is all for Samsung LED TV . If this is the way funny commercials are heading, I am all for it. Well, not so much the commercial part. Just the funny.

Samsung shot this LED sheep art commerical in Wales. Over 1,000,000 views in 2 days.

Mighty Putty Funny Commercial Spoof

Another great online commercial spoof. I gotta gets me some Mighty Putty – that’s for sure.

Wait for it. wait for it. Yes, then there it is, at 53 seconds – it’s “green to white” technology in action.

For me it’s all about Mighty Putty’s green to white technology. That is mighty powerful technology. Much more powerful than – let’s say – purple to yellow technology. Yech.

Woooh. Mighty funny! Mighty Putty Funny Commercial Online!

Skittles Singing Bunny Commercial

Skittles has been putting out some funny commercials.

How much would you pay for this singing rabbit?

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