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Joss Whedon Fake Endorsement Video


I’ve stopped pretending I care about you.

Will Ferrell Gets Down in Bat Fight

Will Ferrell Gets Down in Bat Fight “
Go around and  circle some more.”

Lin Yu Chun & William Shatner Duet “Saving All My Love For You” RARE

“Saving All My Love For You” takes on a new meaning in this rare video of a lost duet with Lin Yu Chun and William Shatner – Lin is the Taiwanese singing sensation who won the SuperStar Avenue competition with his rendition of “I Will Always Love You.” Now he’s Saving all His Love for William Shatner.

This lovely pairing of Lin Yu Chun showing off his vocal skills, and Shatner doing that – what is that – recitation? Is that a real art form? Sorry, I digress. A lovely pairing of love. Raw unbridled passionate love.

It will transform you.

Another PSA – Parody Service Announcement – brought to you by Bitter Tonic.

Handsome Men’s Club

Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club
proves that handsome men have our back -and doing things for the good of the world. Like doing shirtless car washes for charity.

Starring: matt damon ben affleck jennifer garner matthew mcconaughey josh hartnett rob lowe ted danson aitony romo john kracynzski keith urban lenny kravitz gilles marini – and the guy in the moustache who I don’t know.

Beauty – always skin deep.

Best Acceptance Speech

For all the bitter people out there who don’t trust the system. You’re right. The system sucks and is set up to duplicate boring, conformist memes.

Here’s Felicia Day from The Guild with last year’s Streamy awards, where she thanks all the casting directors, producers and directors for REJECTING her. If not for them beating her to the ground and getting her all depressed, she would never have picked up a pen, written and produced her own show “around the system.”

Just goes to show, the best way to get somewhere is not always straight through.

James Franco Gucci Commercial Bloopers

Those wacky Italians and their damn spelling. We at Bitter Tonic do believe that Gucky by Gucky sounds the sexiest, but Gooky by Gooky is pretty damn appealing too – especially if it’s spoken by James Franco.

Wonder what our fave thespian would do with Versace?

Fred Willard Is The Common Sense Doctor

Fred Willard Is The Common Sense Doctor. Well, he’s not really a doctor, but people call him that because that’s his name. Yep, his parents named him after the Doctor who delivered him.

Fred Willard kills me. He has got to be the funniest guy playing straight-laced TV broadcasting types. Absolutely love him. Fred Willard comedy god.

More Cow Bell With Christopher Walken

More CowbellClick here for more home videos

This is the classic skit where Christopher Walken plays record producer Bruce Dickinson in a recording session with Blue Oyster Cult

I gotta have more cowbell too. I gotta have this cowbell tshirt.

“Once my pants are on I make gold records.”