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This Golden Retriever Loves Music

When Drew Arcoleo started playing guitar at a friend’s house, he noticed that Bailey the Golden Retriever was a big fan of music. Check out the dog’s rhythm.

It turns out the Golden was not such a big fan of Drew’s singing. Fly, golden dog, fly.

A little video of the making of Bailey listening, smiling, and grooving to the music.

Dog Rides a Turtle

As the title says – in this video a Dog Rides a Turtle.

It may be slow and meandering but it’s cheap and it leaves a small carbon footprint.

Moody Chihuahua Love

Cat loves chihuahua. Chihuahua loves cat’s love. For a while.

I too have dated moody fucks like this. In fact, I wear the cat’s last expression on my face most of the time.

Cat Drinks and Showers at Same Time

In this cat video, puss shares his fave drinking technique. Might not be the most efficient, and not great for water conservation, but he does have the cleanest head in town.

Don’t tell me cats have no brains…

Boxing Cat

Fun Boxing Cat!The most amazing bloopers are here

This cat appears to be boxing alongside a TV show watching a boxing match. Even if it’s a fake, this is pretty cute.

Baby Gecko Laughing

Addicted to baby laughs? Here’s a baby gecko laughing.

This could be the answer to world peace.

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SpiderCat Funny Cat Video

Watch the amazing spidercat defy gravity as it climbs stairs – while underneath them.

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Funny Sheep Art with LED Lights

Sheep art requires extreme shepherding. Meet the baa-studs. These baa-studs who not only know how to light sheep with LED lights – but they know how to wrangle them into art. Or at least know how to wrangle their shepherds into getting them sheep to obey. Re-neigh-sance men…I’d say.

This is all for Samsung LED TV . If this is the way funny commercials are heading, I am all for it. Well, not so much the commercial part. Just the funny.

Samsung shot this LED sheep art commerical in Wales. Over 1,000,000 views in 2 days.

Sexy Panda is Funny Panda

Sexy Panda is another funny online video from Mediocre Films – that had me cracking up out loud. In this mockumentary, the Giant pandas get down and get funky.

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Rat Loves A Cat – Funny Cat Video

Rat loves cat is a love story between Peanut the rat and ranj – the cat. Interspecies differences will not stop the rat from giving the cat lots of hugs and kisses, and some other ratlovin’ specialties.

Rat loves cat from the Funny animal videos collection