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Cod Tongue Dinner Tonight at 6pm

And you’re invited.

Join us at Velma’s 64 Water Street,6pm and watch townie Cathy Parsons get her first taste of the meal that tastes back. We’ll be bringing as many filmmaker CFAs as we can, so be sure to drop by and say hello.

Then continue with us onto the Arts And Culture Centre for the final film screening gala of Forgiveness.

Then it’s Snowball time at the Majestic at 11pm.

Gotta go do the panel now on cross platform production.

Oh, by the way, a CFA is a mainlander – or someone who has Come From Away. Or at least that’s what someone told me 😉

Dear Bitter Tonic: What Can I Look Forward To After I Do A Pole Dance For My Man?

Dear Bitter Tonic,

I watch what I eat, exercise, and have just taken up pole dancing to look hot for my man (check out this nifty home pole dancing kit!) Just wondering what I can expect in return?

Suffering to Be Beautiful

Dear STBB,

Here’s what you get for all your hard work. Enjoy.


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