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Literal Videos Are Funny

Total Eclipse of the heart is a song I loved when I was growing up. Yes. It’s true. It hit my shmaltzy side. I have one and as you can see, it reacts strongly to classic shmaltz.

Though I liked the song,  I never saw the music video for Total Eclipse of The Heart.  Oh, boy, and it’s a good thing, as it would have turned me off the song for life. As it stands, it has only turned me off the song for half my life.

My fave line.

Spin around. NInjas.

Who made this original video? What were they thinking? Why did other people allow this person to make his thinking a reality. Can you imagine sitting at a dinner party close to this writer/director? What would you say to him/her as he told you his great ideas, of how he sees things.

Wow, this video just gets me thinking. And wondering, how did I ever live through the 80s. No wonder I need this much therapy – this was considered normal.

zZz is playing: One Take Video by Roel Wouters With Trampoline Jumpers

zZz is playing: Grip. Ok we love this video by Roel Wouters. It’s a trampoline mimicking video games.

I absolutely cracked up when I saw the timeline. Once again, for a lone person sitting in the dark way past midnight, to make me guffaw out loud gets bonus points.

Ooh. The video was shot live with an audience in Amsterdam’s Stedelijk museum.

The Stedelijk museum! That’s one of my faves. I was there years ago and it blew my mind. You can’t say that often about museums – for the most part they are stodgy, cold, snobby, boring showpieces. Hey, I can say that, I have a fine art history museum and worked in museums for 5 years.

But wait. I just read more on the Youtube page.

The music video shoot was “part of the opening ‘Nederclips’ at the ‘s-Hertogenbosch SM’S curated by Bart Rutten.”

Ok THAT was stodgy cold and snobby.

And Roel darling. You have to ditch your AKA name Xelor. Not because it’s stodgy. Nope. I could never get myself to say the name Xelor, unless maybe if I were playing Dungeons and Dragons with you.

No. Sorry. Not even then.