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Man Brooch – Word on the street

As a sometimes lazy member of the Bitter Tonic writing team, my job became suddenly more urgent when Irene was called to Hollywood.

“I need someone here on Canadian soil as a correspondent for the Man Brooch,” she exclaimed. “With me on the American front, we’ve got to ride the wave after it catches on in LA.”

When I saw these fine pieces of masculine jewelry, I knew this was a call to slough off my lazy outer skin and get back in the game. With brooch in hand, I went home to get my boyfriend to try one on and pose for a photo. After a brief conversation and a short inspection of the brooch, he said he was too busy.

But this is not over yet – busy? Wait until he sees the response from LA – he’ll be begging me for it…

Dental Woes

Why is it that no one tells me that dental procecures have a shelf life?

I have good looking teeth. That is not through brushing, flossing and general good eating. It is simply through money. I have paid for many complicated and lengthy dental procedures. And I’m happy to have done it.

My dentist – who rocks – is the first dentist to inform me that certain procedures have an expected duration. For example, a bridge is two crowns placed on two teeth with a fake tooth in the middle, which basically fills a space where a tooth is lost. This costs about $2,500 and is expected to last 10 years. An implant tooth in the same spot will cost about the same and is expected to last 25 years. An important fact, I think, to mention with the procedural recommendation.

However, the implant requires a 6 month waiting time before being put in – unless it’s a front tooth. Also important.

Since I’m not on a dental plan, and therefore coughing up the cash from my personal account, or more often my credit card, these are things I need to know.
— Diana