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Funny Sheep Art with LED Lights

Sheep art requires extreme shepherding. Meet the baa-studs. These baa-studs who not only know how to light sheep with LED lights – but they know how to wrangle them into art. Or at least know how to wrangle their shepherds into getting them sheep to obey. Re-neigh-sance men…I’d say.

This is all for Samsung LED TV . If this is the way funny commercials are heading, I am all for it. Well, not so much the commercial part. Just the funny.

Samsung shot this LED sheep art commerical in Wales. Over 1,000,000 views in 2 days.

Ameriquest Commercial: Romantic Dinner

Don’t be too quick too judge.

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Wacky Japanese Commercial Starring A Creepy Dog Puppet

It’s an ad for chips.

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Warding Off My Ennui With Lavender

Oh, forgive me for not posting more, but I was at the cottage trying to squeeze the last bit out of summer by soaking up as much sun as possible so that I can make it through the incredibly long winter that is coming up. I only get dial-up Internet at the cottage, and that just is a pain.

It’s certainly not like the Hamptons – all wired, manicured and air-conditioned. Why, I felt like I never left the city.

Oh, I know, I still haven’t posted my pictures from New York’s summer playland. They are coming soon and will be full of delights.

Like this sneak preview.

Lavendar Scented Handles

Aren’t they just swell? These ladies’ shavers come with lavendar-scented handles! Oooh.

You have to hand it to the U.S. for really being a consumer’s paradise. Me and the gals have been complaining about stinky razor handles forever.

But no more. That annoyance is done with. And every time I shave and sniff that rubber handle, my eyes tear up as I think of the Summer of ’07. The Ford times. The LA times, The Hampton times.

Oh – I miss them so!

And to make matters worse, I’m just 2 days back from the cottage, and my tan is all ready fading.

I could really use a hybrid Explorer to cheer me up. I think I’d take it to Montreal for a cafe au lait in a bowl C’est chic. Oh, the things I could do with a hybrid! I think they said it was a lease for a few years.

we_can be bought footer

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Day 2 – Sightseeing In Hollywood

When traveling, you have to visit the popular sightseeing destinations. Otherwise people won’t believe you were there.

So I partnered up with Carmel Hagen of Josh Spear, and we zipped about in our Ford Escape to the requisite Hollywood sites.

Once again I didn’t drive. Though my neck healed miraculously overnight in the comfy Hotel Roosevelt bed, I woke up that morning with the worst eye inflammation ever, so I chose to forego wearing a contact in that eye, and donned some heavy sunglasses so that I wouldn’t scare children. I figured not being able to judge distances while driving around steep hills may not be the wisest choice, so I played passenger again.

That’s OK. Maybe I’ll get a chance to test drive it another time. Anyways, it gave me lots of time to enjoy the view.

And what a view it was. Quite stunning.

First thing I spotted was Kermit The Frog on the side of the road eating a Pink’s Hot Dog. Being a big fan, I asked him for an autograph. He obliged, admired our car, and when I asked if he wanted a ride, he hopped right in. Now there were 3 in the SUV and Carmel and I felt much better about tooling around.

First stop, the Hollywood sign. You can’t come back home without shots of the sign. Because it’s the sign. The Hollywood sign!!!

hollywood sign and carmel

The three amigos plan their “escape.”

ford Kermit and hollywood sign

I crush your head.

i crush your head

Ah, we laughed till we cried.

Kermit really wanted to drive, so we let him. He had his own style.
kermit driving ford escape

The roads are hilly and windy, and you never know when you will get a good view. Sometimes a must have shot just appears out of the blue.

hollywood sign and steering wheel

We drove down the famous Mulholland Drive and stopped at the lookout. We bumped into the Daws brothers and got a little group shot going.

living the dream

Kermit had another Pink’s The Hollywood hot dog legend craving, but Carmel and I indulged in a Pinkberry’s yogurt instead. How girlie.

pink’s hollywood legend

The girl attack didn’t stop there. We just had to go shopping!

gps rodeo drive

Where else?

carmel on rodeo drive

I may have overdone it.

Irene Duma is shopping on Rodeo drive

On the walk back to the Hotel Kermit bumped into an old pal. They started to reenact old scenes from a TV show they were once in together. We didn’t recognize them but laughed politely anyway.
kermit and freinds

kermit and his star
Kermit found his star on the walk and went all cuckoo. We were kind of embarrassed.

kermit on his star

P.s. There have been rumblings about prizes for best sightseeing photos…something about the use of a Ford vehicle for a week. Wow, that would be cool, considering I didn’t get to test-drive it yet.

The Wind – German Ad for Epuron

I think I was just always misunderstood. People just didn’t seem to like me. I think I annoyed them. I just got on their nerves…Maybe I came on too strong

I laughed. I cried.

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“Têtes à Claques” Funny Commercials in English

It’s great that the web allows us to watch funny commercials online, whenever we want.

It’s great too that somebody else loves the “Têtes à Claques” funny video series. In fact, they love the Quebecois comedy sensation so much, they turned it into a funny commercial series for Vertigo Pops.

Just makes you want to learn the joual.

But in the meantime, we translated the Willy Waller episode into English for you a while back.

Update: August 2008. The creator of “Têtes à Claques” Michel Beaudet has just launched “Têtes à Claques” in English. It features the same crazy characters, but now you have a choice of watching an english version of the sketches when you get to the website. Not all of them have been translated yet – Willi Waller hasn’t so if you can’t wait for it, click on the link above.

Click on teh tag for more funny commercials online

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Underdaks – Airport Security Check

Ha. We love watching funny commercials online. It’s a great way to watch funny commercials video from other countries. Sometimes commercials are funnier than tv shows. Now that ain’t right.

Here’s a funny holeproof underdaks commercial.

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Holeproof Underdaks – Wedding Ring Commercial

Ah – the safe place.

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Kids Make A Roller Coaster Loop On Train Tracks

It’s a Norwegian ad.

“There are lots of little engineers. We are looking forward to them growing up”

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