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Annoying Orange – annoys me

I don’t get it. Please explain why the orange is a hit?

Will Ferrell Gets Down in Bat Fight

Will Ferrell Gets Down in Bat Fight “
Go around and  circle some more.”

Cat Bands Are Hot

Cat bands are hot. And cats make great videos. This is most likely due to the innate intuitiveness shared by most felines.

Also, cats make great drivers too. Don’t mess with cats.

Holy Fuck – Red Lights
From the album “Latin” –
Buy the album from Rough Trade:…
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Buy the limited edition 7″ single from Young Turks:…

Director: Brian Borcherdt & Michael LeBlanc
Production Co.: Slowlover Films
Executive Producer: Michael LeBlanc
DOP: Michael LeBlanc
Editor: Phil Prates

Cats as Christmas Presents

Cats make great Christmas presents. Don’t listen to what the SPCA says, giving live pets is good. Especially to young children.

When you give live pets as gifts, you must wrap them. Fedex doesn’t allow delivery otherwise.

This is how to wrap your Christmas cat. Cats like paper, so step one is easy. Don’t forget to stick the tape onto your cats feet afterwards. Twice as much fun for all, guaranteed.

If you do not understand satire, then you will not understand this post. And we will not be able to help you. Ever. Good luck.

America the Beautiful played on Kazoo

This is Amy Gordon playing the kazoo – oops – three kazoos, in three part harmony, with unexpected body parts.

Amy Gordon is a revolutionary comedienne who performs physical, musical, stand-up and improvisational comedy. Inspired by and reminiscent of Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Liza Minelli, Julie Andrews and the Muppet Show; she is very much one of a kind.

Credits include: Broadway’s New Victory, Sydney Opera House, The Kennedy Center, Adelaide International Festival, Festival International de Teatro de Bogota, Montreal’s Just For Laughs, Dance Theatre Workshop, Symphony Space, GOP Variete, Quatch Comedy Club (Berlin), Palazzo Amsterdam, RTL’s World of Comedy and Britain’s Rude Tube. She’s been seen around the world with the Olivier Awarded circus cabaret, La Soirée (aka La Clique / Absinthe – but by any name, voted Best Entertainment 2009); including long runs on London’s West End, The Sydney Festival, and in Paris’ iconic music hall, Bobino.

Her current solo show, Round She Goes, played NYC at Joe’s Pub, Spiegelworld, and the Bard Spiegeltent.

@KhloeKardashian @kimkardashia…

@KhloeKardashian @kimkardashian Thank God you didn’t ask her to bedazzle your vajayjay a la Jennifer Love Hewitt

How to Create a Movement.

Nice. But I prefer to be the lone nut. Back off.

Daily Affirmation With Jessica

I pick my personal development gurus and life coaches very, very carefully. Jessica not only has the energy I crave ( that ability to hop on the counter and sing it loud ) but she also walks the talk.

I will follow you Jessica. Wherever you go.

Jonathan’s Mom Wants a Webcam

Jon bought his mom a computer for her birthday, only she is really disappointed it didn’t come with a webcam,

These are real voice-mails from a real mom.

All we can say is Jon – you’re a good son. We hope you get the chicken parmesan.

(PS. We found this on YouTube’s Twitter account.

Dog Rides a Turtle

As the title says – in this video a Dog Rides a Turtle.

It may be slow and meandering but it’s cheap and it leaves a small carbon footprint.