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Hire Bitter Tonic

Irene Duma portrait

Bitter Tonic can be bought.

Senior Editor and Bitter Tonic Grand Poobah Irene Duma will work for money, but she has been known to work for a trip to a fabulous destination with lots of fun people and parties, and a good meal or two. People have told her she should stop doing this, but Irene finds trips with lots of fun people and parties really hard to turn down.

Irene can write for you, speak on a panel, or perform in a show, film or video. She can also come up with funny ideas for your show, film or video, then write, film and direct them. And if you’re really hard up, she will design and build you a matching web site, a company logo and biz cards too.

Irene Duma is coming to Newfoundland

To see samples of Irene’s films go to her film site.

To see samples of her web, interactive and graphic design, you can visit ireneduma.info and Strange Duck Media.

If you need references, Irene will provide you with names of people who she is pretty sure will say that she is friendly, delivers the promised goods plus some, and is generally not a jerk.

Irene (AKA Bitter Tonic) has blogged for Ford, and is the official blogger of The St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival (Oct 16 – 20 2007).

Here are pics of Irene that you can use if you are writing about her. Click on the thumbnails on the left to download a press-ready photo compressed in .zip file. (You may need Winzip to uncompress the files.)

Here is the link to contact Irene. Do it now!